Couch to 5K

Feeling positive today :-)

I've just got in from w2r2 and I am feeling really positive. A couple of good things came out of today's effort. Firstly, I found myself thinking about it all morning and looking forward to going out for my run, and secondly, when the first 90 seconds of running ended I thought"Oh wow, that was quick!" Also, at the end of the run5 out of 6 I was flagging a bit and thought I would skip the last running section and use the rest of the time, walking back home, as my cool down time. In fact, when the voice in my ear told me it was time to start running again I just thought "Come on girl, you can do this, it's only 90 seconds..." and I did it! Woohoo!

I'm thinking of signing up for the Race for Life in July. I have already signed up for the Women's Running 5k in June. Would it be a good idea/bad idea to attempt both? Any advice welcome - I am still very unfit and not-exactly-a-runner but I am dreaming big.

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Well done for keeping on... good on you! And great that you've signed up for the 5k in June. If you follow the programme, by then, you will be more than capable of completing it, and then doing the run in July too. Just keep on as you are, taking one run at a time, slow and steady and most of all, enjoying it! ☺


Well done allegrachick 😊

Sounds like you are enjoying the running and getting hooked.

Yep, as McFitty says, keep going and you will have no problem doing both of your events in June and July...😊l know you find it hard to believe but..its going to happen.

Onwards and upwards.😊

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Well done. I agree you will be able to do both. Enjoy


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