Couch to 5K

W1 complete - yee hah!

Can't believe I've run three times this week. And that I'm enjoying it! When I finished R3 this afternoon I was still some way from home so I ran twice more to get me home - feeling very virtuous! Am now wallowing in an extremely deep and probably too hot Epsom Salts bath and thinking about Sunday's W2R1 - is it going to be hard to make the jump?

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Fantastic well done :D I bet that bath is lovely x Just take it slow and steady and W2 will be yours x


I would just walk briskly home. Don't overdo things at this early stage. The cool down walk is there for a good reason. It is a good post-run stretch for one thing and you won't get cold if you're walking quick enough

Epsom Salts baths are brill. I always have one. Have a rest day tomorrow and day dream about your next run. It won't be much of a jump. Don't worry. If you tackle it nice and slow you will be just fine

Have fun!

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Well done for getting the first week done. There are longer runs in week 2 but there are less of them so it feels slightly harder but almost feels like it's over quicker. The programme is so well structured that it increases your stamina in perfectly gauged increments. It sounds as though you breezed your last run. You should have no problem at all moving into week 2. Keep it slow and steady though, don't try to rush things and make sure you take all your rest days. Have a great second week! 😊

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