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W4R2 - Laura, the gremlins couldn't hide you forever

Although once I found my headphones they did their best all day to talk me out of going for a run. Too cold; too foggy; too tired; too hungry; homework to do. I listened to them ALL day. And at 4 o'clock I'd had enough of those voices, got my kit on, went outside and locked the gremlins in the house. I was not looking forward to it. It was foggy. It was cold. I was still tired. But I had had lunch, and I did do my homework. So with Laura's dulcet tones willing me on I set off on my warm-up walk. Five minutes seems too long to walk now, especially when it's cold - I was ready to start jogging before I was told, but kept to instructions.

I think going out when not looking forward to a run is a bit of a no-brainer; there's no pre-expectation of it being anything but a bit of a slog; but if, as today, it turns into a good run then it feels such a bonus.

Of course, as soon as I got back in the door the gremlins were waiting to remind me not to get too complacent. And they hadn't even done the washing up.

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Typical gremlins - they contribute nothing useful to anybody's life 😊 Well done on locking them away and getting the run ticked off.


You have premission to feel smug though..😊 well done on Just Doing It...

Go you...

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Well done for getting out there on such a rubbish day. I've heard quite a few people saying the days they don't want to go out are their better runs. I'm lucky my little Alien 'Albert' keeps the Gremlins in check for me. I'm sure he was left behind after they abducted me and brainwashed me into this running malarkey ;) I can see if one of his pals can help you too :D


You deserved a good run after that:)


Well done. I've had days as others where it's been too windy or too cold but still had a bad run. I as you always feel twice as smug at the end. I think to myself "wow well done you, despite rotten conditions you went out and did it". Especially if run goes well on a par with last run or better !

Today managed to go out with sun on my face and run on a par with previous and felt great !


Well done! :) I think you're right that the lack of expectations sometimes frees us up to just relax and enjoy it :)

Happy running!


You've got a really good point there, if you don't expect a good run and it IS one, it's worth so much more! Stuff the gremlins, kick 'em in the nuts!


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