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The Gremlins are all in Spain!!


So after graduating a few weeks ago and doing a 5k park run I am now spending k month in Spain (I know, it's tough but someone's go to do it!) I am determined to keep up my running, especially as I have a beautiful 5k walkway alongside the Med. BUT all the Gremlins seem to have left UK kand followed me here. This morning I was only managing 10 minutes running before they told me I was too hot, too tired, had aching legs etc. I will persevere but first will be buying them a ticket back to England! Thought I would show you the lovely early morning view I have as I try to run - it really is beautiful.

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The gremlins wanted to visit Spain as well. What a beautiful place to run.


It really is - if only I could run 😜😂


It looks stunning! I didn't even attempt to run in Spain when I visited family in the summer, so you have my admiration for getting out there at all!



hello! Put those gremlins back in their box and screw down the lid!

Just run and enjoy the view, remind yourself how often you have chance to run in such a lovely place. I found when I ran in Cyprus it was really humid, which may be your problem now.

Slow down and enjoy 😃🏃🏻

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Yes I think you are right - plus I have probably been enjoying myself a little too much in the evenings! At least I am getting out and run/walking 5k three times a week, which is better than nothing. I will beat those Gremlins though and run the whole 5k before I return to UK. Watch this space 😜

Millsie-JGraduate in reply to Hidden

Brilliant! Don't forget drink plenty of water before you run and have some with you! True dedication to go for the 5k, I did 3.5 k in Cyprus and that was me done😃


Wow it's lovely

Get out there and enjoy it

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