Couch to 5K


Yippee Ki Yay MFs (a-Mazing Folks)! W3R3 didn’t kill me, it made me stronger!!

Doubted myself on runs 1 and 2 of this week, but there was no wind today and it made a big difference I think. Still have plenty life in the old legs (not ached at all yet), it’s my lungs that are making it harder, but I’m recovering much quicker after the runs so they must be improving slowly. Tried to keep breathing on every 3 steps for as long as possible and that really helped too.

Eyes filled with tears at the end of the last 3 minute run. That music really got to me, it’s got like a new dawn kind of vibe and I thought ‘A new me 2017 is really happening, I mean REALLY happening’!!! I’ve got more belief in myself for next week now, just wish the blooming wind would stay away, it would make it a lot easier!

To all of you lurking on the outskirts of the site – just join in and make a start, you’ll never look back…xx

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Well done - and yes, I love how the music on the podcasts is sometimes so apt, either in what it says or in its allusions :) And yep, noticing how quickly your breathing recovers is a sure sign your fitness is improving - great to see these signs of progress :)

On to week 4, the NewStrongYou :)


With you on the recovery. That was the big indicator for me too, wk1 and 2 it felt like I couldn't breath for 5 mins after stopping. By week 5 it was only about a minute.

Good Luck with next week.


Well done. It's worth it just for the big cheesy grin I still get on my Face. Like most here and myself when started couldn't run for a bus but now I can beat the bus home.

Like anything at first running I found the 9 week programme my legs ached but it did get easier as time went on. Now do 6K+ for about 43 minutes. No plans to do marathons but feel great mentally and physically. no more lethargy doing new things, studying being mentally alert and full of beans.

Keep us all posted.

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Brilliant . Congrats and enjoy it all, even the aches!


I would hazard a guess and say that a lot of the lurkers are also doing C25K but for one reason or t'other don't wish to contribute. We are still helping them all the same!


Amazing, what a lovely feeling at the end of that run. Many more moments like that to come. :)


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