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Week 9 Run 1 Completed with a smile.


Week 9 Run 1 c25k. Well What can I say about this. Ooohhh yeeees. Get in. 30 mins constant running. I felt invincible so I continued at speed till I was spent, and there it is, the magic 5k as well to boot. Albeit 46 mins but worth every stride, it's there. Whoop. Slow and Steady is the way to do it. Anything left then spend it. Two more to do.

I have this, it's in the bag. 💪👍😀

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Nearly there!! :)


60 minutes....

Cake's in the fridge, fizz and beer stacked and ready, balloons... a handful each, (get puffing c25k'ers). Are we on for a Sunday partaaay Trev4950 ?

Trev4950Graduate in reply to McFitty

Thanks McFitty Sunday is the day. I will do the final run. I will include a pic of my route and everything like heart rate and pace etc..

Seems crazy that 10 weeks ago I could not manage 1min runs. Now look. 30 minute runs with gas in the tank to go longer and further.

Go you... get ready to celebrate!

It may be worth warning your loved ones and colleagues about the massive grin you will have all day on the day you graduate. I and my family weren't anticipating my long lasting cheesy grin 😋 and the dancing round the house, so be warned. 😉

Trev4950Graduate in reply to Razouski

Thanks Razouski. I already have the cheesy grin. Dancing around the house is normal these days as I like to celebrate every run as a another success. 😀🏅


Hey Trev, I did my week 9 run 1 yesterday as well, though with less panache, I fear! Unlike you, I was keen to slow to a walk at the end of the 30 mins, but I did it nonetheless. Sooooo impressed that you've done the 5k as well. Fantastic. 2 more to go, eh?

Trev4950Graduate in reply to Greffiere

I am sure you did your run in just as much style. Lets face it a run for 30 mins is epic in its own right. As you say two more then we have achieved what we thought impossible. Go Go Go. :-)


well done Trev your doing great, I graduated before xmas and finished with a 5k run in 34 minutes feels good doesn't it ? keep on running your almost there:)

Trev4950Graduate in reply to june67

Thanks june67. Yes feels great.


You sure do! Don't overdo it though! Do enough, don't go over the top. Wags finger. This is the golden time. Enjoy yourself thoroughly and prepare to bask in Graduation glory 😊

Trev4950Graduate in reply to misswobble

Thanks misswobble. I know to not over do it, and I can see you saying tut tut while wagging your finger. I could not help myself had to do it. And I will be basking in glory come Sunday. :-)


Brilliant! You're so close now, enjoy your last two runs of the programme!! :)

Trev4950Graduate in reply to melly4012

Thanks melly4012.


Well done. Enjoy!

Trev4950Graduate in reply to Lon70

Thank you Lon70.

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