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Blue Monday

Hello all. Not a blue Monday at all for me but a) apparently today is the gloomiest day of the year (ages til payday, everyone off the booze and needing the big light on just to read the directions on a Pot Noodle) and b) never knowingly miss a song title pun. It's been ages since I posted, largely because I couldn't remember the password to get back onto the site. That's all sorted now so here goes.

It's weeks until the big Half Marathon (henceforth HM). I'm understandably nervous. I'm religiously following the programme (very routine and goal driven me. Must be a name for it) and, to my utmost amazement, managed to run for 2 hours which, happily for those OCD among us, was exactly 16K or 10 whole, actual miles. That's 10 miles folks. The kind of distance that I would think twice about whether I wanted to sit on a bus with the great unwashed. I could have gone on (I think) but for absolute, total and utter, hunger - I finished at 7pm and hadn't eaten since midday. I hope this bodes well for the big day.

As predicted, MM has done almost no preparation for the HM or indeed the full M in April. He will, as usual, get up, eat a flapjack, put on his trainers and streak off like Forest Gump.

On that front (pun intended), anyone else entering the Brighton HM? I'm expecting polar conditions but wondered if there was any other useful advice?

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Well done 😀 I'm sure you'll be fine on the day but please be sure to be well fed and hydrated well before the event and up to the day itself, and you'll get through it 😊 Ooh Brighton! Sounds fab 🙂


Great stuff and all the best.

Only advice wild be to try, really try, to take the first 4-5k easy and not faster than your target pace. Going off like a bat out of hell, thanks to all that adrenaline, is very common.


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