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Couch to 5K
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Hi all,

I started the program 2 weeks ago and so far ive managed 2 runs. im really struggling with my hip/ lower back. i am 37 (38 on tuesday) and overweight. I really want to do the c25k and then move onto the 10k and assumed it would be a doddle for the first couple of weeks however i have found it isnt for me because of the pain im in while running. I feel like stopping all together but deep down i want to do this because i try so many other things with all of the best laid intentions but end up quitting using whatever excuse i can find. I dont know what i want this post to achieve. may some sort of cry for support? i just dont know. i'll leave it upto you guys because whatever you lot say it is usually brilliant. regards. Rich.

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Shoot. Sorry you're having pains - my hips bug me sometimes as well. Often they'll hurt when my shoes are getting crappy, so if your trainers are ancient, consider an upgrade. I find stretching really important and I never do enough. I find yoga helpful - you can download a video and give it a go. Or look up some hip flexor stretches if that's where you think you're aching. Another option if you're finding yourself too sore after all the run sessions would be to try running every other set for a few sessions to get the joints used to the new demands on them. You could also be slamming your feet down hard (I know because I do this myself). Someone on here eons ago said to try running like ninja or an assassin.

Don't toss in the towel yet, try making some adjustments and see what helps. I'm sure others will have great advice.

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Okay.. you have done a couple of runs, I felt, in the first week of C25K, dreadful, aches and pains everywhere, gasping for breath!

So... if you want to do this, then slow steps. Decent shoes as runswithdogs says. Strength and Flex exercises... ( link on the C25K site).. other gentle exercise, Yoga, swimming... ? Then the key..? It is simply, slow and steady... really, really, slow and really, really steady!

Not sure if I remember saying you were carrying some excess weight.. if so.. healthy eating is a must, ( does not have to be faddy diets) just have a look at what you are using for your fuel! :)

You clearly really want to achieve this.. we will support you all the way, but this is your choice... take as long as you need, rest days, take one between each run or more... and go as slow as the slowest snail....but your choice.. so,

Make today, the day you start the journey to becoming the person you are :) Go for it!


Thanx mate. Ive done 1 run per week over the last two and ive managed 6 out of the 8 before the pains kick in and they really kick in. Im no sap but the pains are such that i hobble home wincing in agony. Im gonna keep going. By hook or by crook.


In the first few weeks, I think every part of my body complained about the new demands I was putting on it. Particularly my calves, knees and hips. It does take a while for those muscles & joints to settle. You are more than likely (as a huge percentage of us) running too fast and too heavy. I thought I couldn't possibly run any slower but after advice from these lovely people here, I found a slower gear (which really helped). Bouncy/cushioned shoes will also help and the best thing I was told to do were knee & calf strengthening exercises and stretches after each run. I really hope you carry on, it really is worth it but look after yourself too and take the rest days you need in between runs. Good luck and keep posting! :)


I think im gonna try and build up my fitness by going for long walks and stuff. My main problem is i dont walk anywhere. It hasnt been through laziness its just life. Out the house into the car to the office and then vice versus. Its almost like the old cliche here, walking before i can run.

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Maybe it would be worth working your way through a few weeks walking slow in the walking bits and walking faster in the running bits. I know the routine of "bed to car to office to car to bed"! I did have a head start this time as I'd been doing long walks with the dogs before I started. Good luck with however you do it :)


That's what I did; from a base of no 'fitness' whatsoever + decades of smoking I started brisk walking for 30 mins most days. It's great way to start if the running just feels like too much for the moment, and you'll be encouraged and surprised by how quickly you build your fitness and strength levels. I did it till I felt I could move on and only then began the C25k - I found it challenging but always do-able, and (touch wood!) I've never been on the injury couch. I really don't think that would have been the case if I'd just jumped straight into the running.

So yes, DON'T give up, get walking and take it from there.

All the very best.


Definitely don't give up yet, but take some of the advice others have given you here. It's all good stuff, and taking it gradually in the first instance will help get your body used to it.

Even if you start with walking and fast walking still come back to the forum and let us know how things are going. This forum was invaluable in keeping me motivated when it was tough, and also somewhere to share my successes too.


GO swimming instead for a while.


Hi - please don't be discouraged. You got out there and made a start - that is the biggest step. Hope a few weeks of building up with walking helps and then you could try again. Lots of us have started from a really low level of fitness and it's such a great feeling when you start to see improvements. Good luck !


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