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W9R3 - amazing last run!

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I did it, I’ve run the last week. Not only that but suddenly was able to do 5K in 30mins! My running buddy & I decided to run a flatter route to see if it made a difference time-wise. Normally our cross country routes are a bit hilly, but pretty all the same, distance in 30mins is 4.5K. So flatter route (streets) made a big difference, but we’re returning to the nicer routes. I have found the support & encouragement on this forum amazing, without which the programme could have been harder 😊

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Well done 😃🎉😃🎉😃🎉😃

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Brilliant, well done on the 5k too. I'm nowhere near that, but love the fact that I can now do 30 mins. Go get you nice shiny graduation badge x

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Maybe58Graduate in reply to Beestonbabe

Thank you! Try running on a flatter route it might help you go further in 30mins.

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Dexy5Graduate in reply to Maybe58

I was and only managed 4k . Mind you I was very happy with that. 5k is the next target to aim for.

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Whoop whoop! Done the double - graduated and hit 5k. Well done!

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Maybe58Graduate in reply to Jay66UK

Yes, a good end to the programme. How do I graduate as such?

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Jay66UKGraduate in reply to Maybe58

Scroll down and there will be a post for June Graduates to add your name at the end. The mods will sort it for you.

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Maybe58Graduate in reply to Jay66UK


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Well done! What an amazing achievement and you did 5k too! Xx

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Congratulations on the double , great achievement, enjoy the moment

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Well done - the perfect graduate making 5k on your last run. Not many of us could do that. 🥂🍾🏅👏😃

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Maybe58Graduate in reply to Dexy5

Ha ha, it was just luck. We just decided to run on the flat to see if it made a difference. Believe me from 4.5 to 5K my legs were screaming ‘stop’ but my brain said ‘you haven’t done 30mins’.

Congratulations Maybe58...Well done for completing the program and Graduating and hitting the 5k mark too!

Keep posting and enjoying your running, your adventures have just begun😊x


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Maybe58Graduate in reply to Bluebirdrunner

You’re right it is an adventure! I’m going to run 5K three times a week and not worry about the time. After a Fun Run on 8th July I’m going to follow Ju Ju’s 10k Plan. Aiming for 10K on 14th October. I’ll certainly keep posting and hopefully support & encourage others 👍

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Congratulations 🏅🏆🥂

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Fantastic well done 🍾🍾🍾

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Congratulations ...Well done 😊😊

Brilliant news! Congratulations on graduating!

Well done on running hills in your runs too, we are spoilt here in flatter than flat Lincolnshire as very few proper hiils 😊

Hope you celebrate in style 🍾🍷🥂

Wishing you happy running for the future x x

Congratulations! That’s brilliant 😀👍 Step up here on the podium- there’s plenty of room 😊

You’re now officially a graduate 🎓🏆 and did a fantastic time too 😀👏👏👏

Well done!

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Congratulations Maybe! Enjoy the moment 😀🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🎉🍾🏅

Well done on completing course and your speed. Nowhere near that yet. Took my new graduation trainers out for their first run today. Only 3k cos I didn’t want blisters. Thinking just thinking of park run at Memorial Park Saturday

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Maybe58Graduate in reply to Islabear

Ooh new trainers...go for that Park Run!!!

Do you know Helen from your Runs with Kate?

I’m going to do the Improvers next Monday, I’ll contact Kate to let her know she’s got two extras.

Park Run at some point on my radar too 🏃‍♀️

I know two Helens from Kate’s couch to 5k and her improvers. I don’t do Monday improvers as that’s my yoga time

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The Helen I know is very tall and graduated beginning of June I think?

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