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BMJ: a sensible diet and regular exercise

The British Medical Journal warns against "detoxing" and suggests that it is better to eat a sensible diet and get regular exercise. C25K'ers are of course not surprised, because we're doing this programme because we already instinctively understood this.

But for others that are (as the authors phrase it) "less concerned with evidence-based medicine and more with complementary medicine" it is good to see common sense being reported. With a bit of luck, it might even stop a few of the gullibles from being taken advantage of by scrupulous "alternative medicine" providers.

Full story on the BBC here:

P.S. Isn't that sentence "less concerned with evidence-based..." just lovely? :)

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Love that! Thanks Tomas, isn't it also strange that some people seem to think that if you pay for a book, classes, ridiculous concoctions that you don't know the content of, will miraculously work in a nano second, where the 'normal' generally boring and FREE advice won't........

Sadly I have a relative who jumps on every latest bandwagon, I've been telling them for years, it's free, it takes time, etc., etc., but no, they seem to like parting with pounds of the financial kind rather than the weight kind....revolving door.......



Yup. Utterly strange (and sadly unsurprising)


I read this too Tomas..very interesting... Common sense.. free, yet priceless ?


I read it too - what a cocktail of different ingredients that woman was taking! It's bizarre that people can think that such a mix will have a powerful detox effect without considering that it may have very powerful unwanted effects!

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Vulnerable people can be easily swayed by strong claims from suspect media.

I think what makes me greatful is that I found running and it has made me realise that my body needs certain things to function well.

Throughout my journey I have tweaked my nutrition to accommodate my runs as the distances have increased.

Many newcomers to the forum at this time of year are just starting on this journey and it will open so many health doors for them on their way,

Exciting times.


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