Running a regular 5k!!!

After months of running 2/3 times a week it appears that I've cracked it! Now running regular 5k's - I can hardly believe it. I run regularly with a running group now, they've been a great support and given me lots of motivation, as have you lot! So I just wanted to say a big thank you to you all for the encouraging words on my early runs. It's amazing to look back and remember how I struggled to run for 60 seconds in week 1. Thank you all x


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  • No worries, it's what we do! We've all been there ourselves

    Good news on the regular running and on joining a group. it's very good for your running. Take care and don't go mad!

  • Thank you Miss Wobble. I try not to go too mad, I'm still worried about picking up an injury so I try to build up steadily. My challenge is to find the right pace for me/and find the right running partner. I still want to go faster than I can maintain (I'm comfortable at 11.5 min/mile). But I've also found that running with someone slower than me (13 min miles) is difficult too as I'm always "putting the brakes on" which takes energy and makes my legs ache more! It's all trial and error I guess, but I'm enjoying it all much more than I ever thought I would, and that keeps me going x

  • Well done! Personally I don't run with a partner. I prefer to dictate my own pace, My son says he injured himself running slowly enough to stay with me! I love running with my dogs, my music (sometimes) and the wonderful countryside. Be yourself!

  • Yes, it's a double-edged sword for me. I love the support and motivation from the running group, but it's finding the right running partner (pace/distance) without upsetting someone! One of my regular partners is much steadier than me, but she can run further. My inner thighs really hurt now when I go with her. I couldn't believe that I'd get more muscle fatigue running slower! You're so right, it's important to be myself, and do what's best for me. I've just got to work out how to do it diplomatically!! Thanks for your comment x

  • Me too! Congratulations on getting there it feels great doesnt it!! I love C25k and can also remember the week 1 run where I couldnt even get past the First 30 seconds run. Here we are running 5 k 3times a week and still loving it😄 . Good luck with your running too -enjoy!! 👟

  • Well done LouShooz. I don't know about you, but I never thought I'd do it! I just kept telling myself to just take it 1 run at a time, and don't worry if I repeated runs (which I did a few times!). I even had a fortnight off as I was ill. I thought that'd be me done, but I think I must've got the bug by then, as I wanted to get back out there as soon as I could! It took me about 4 months to get to 5k. 6k has been my longest run so far. I just need to take the next step and start park runs. Have you done any Park Runs yet? x

  • Hiya it sounds like we are at the same place with our running journey 😄 i did a 6.7k this week and it felt amazing! 2 days later i did 5k and sturggled though.

    I think it depends on the time or day I run as to how good it gets.

    I havent done an official park run yet but plan to asap. I just adore running here in Bristol so i'm really happy with my routes at the mo. Bristol is fill of happy joggers so I never feel alone😄

    It took me about 4 months to get gheough c25k and sometimes I thought I wouldnt get there but I did!!! I need to sort out my graduation bade but not sure how to do that?

    All the best with your running journey beetie. We fid the hard bit getting off the couch so let's see where we go next eh? Enjoy yourself and keep running 😄👟⭐️Xxx

  • I've no idea how to get our graduation badges. I've wondered about that too! I think we need to find out and celebrate!!! xx

  • Definitely ! Ill see if i can find out! Have alovely weekend 😄😍👟

  • I've sent a message to Admin1 - not sure if that's the right person to ask, but I'll let you know if I get a reply! Getting giddy about the possibility of getting my graduation badge!! Have a lovely weekend x

  • Thanks beetie -me too. I'll let u know when i get a reply. So want my badge😄👟xxx

  • Well done! That's such great news! I wondered how long after graduation you feel that you'be cracked it. How did you find the running group? How do they help with progress as I'm in two minds as to whether to join a local group or not. Thanks!

  • I joined a running group when I knew I'd got a decent chance of running their shortest, 3 mile route. I knew one of the organisers, who'd been trying to get me to join for a few months. I held back as I was worried that I'd hold someone back. I was wrong. The group is very supportive. There are runners of all abilities, from run/walkers to a couple of members who've recently ran 80 miles in 24 hours (they must be robots, lol!!). We are organised into groups depending on ability. Most of us set off at the same time, and we all meet back up at the pub roughly at the same time. Some of us call in for a drink, others go straight home. It's good to call in for a drink though as we usually manage to get a long table for us to all to get to know eachother/develop friendships. There's lots of encouragement, advice and news on running related events. I'd thoroughly recommend that you try yours. Ours is advertised in the local paper and on Facebook. Hope that helps x

  • Thanks very much. That's really helpful. I'm going to find out more about our local club.

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