Week 8 run 2 :)

Week 8 run 2 :)

Slightly slower and slightly easier :)

[and according to Strava, considerably shorter and 2 minutes less, despite being the same route and only stopping about 200m before I did on run 1 :-O )

Beginning to think that Strava is not so reliable for comparing routes! And wondering (with my Christmas money) about buying myself a GPS watch. Don't need anything too flashy (or expensive) - so suggestions please... :D

Also treated myself to a new jacket in Sainsbury's this morning - bright pink/orange with lots of shiny reflective stripes - no-one could say that they couldn't see me in the fog this afternoon!!!! [slightly blurry photo!!]

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  • Love the jacket!! Just right for this weather.

    I don't have a fancy watch so I'm not sure I can help with that. I just use the podcast/music on my old iPod and then use mapmyrun when I get back to see how far I went - 3.7 Km in 30 mins today so my new goal is to get to 4K in 30 mins

  • Thanks!

    That's what I did when I first started - then I got a running belt for my birthday which means I can carry my phone with me as I run (mainly for playing the podcast, but also for safety reasons!).

  • I don't use watch myself. There are others who may be able to advise. I use walkjogrun and plot a route and put in my time. Maybe not as accurate but enough for me at the moment.

    I've seen posts where the watch gizmos say they are walking ? I always think of the sketch where David Walliams plays the secretary who always says "The computer sys no".

    My running sometimes is not much faster than a walk especially after loading up on mince pies recently.

    Anyway well done for getting out there in this weather.

  • Thanks. I've not heard of walkjogrun - I'll give it a look!

  • I have MapMyRun as an app on my phone. It tells me how far I've run and also my pace at intervals while I'm running, but can also listen to the podcast or my own music at the same time. I have my phone in an armband holder thingy.

  • Thanks - I've not used that app, although I have used MapMyWalk - it wasn't the most reliable - I think all of the phone apps rely on your phone having decent GPS.....

  • I use Runkeeper (free version) and it is great, I can even take a photo of where I have run and save that with the details (distance, pace, calories). I can have that and a C25k+ podcast playing at the same time. Works well for me.

  • I downloaded Runkeeper as a friend recommended it to me - but it only seems to want to use Google Play, which I don't use on my phone (I have an android phone) - there doesn't seem to be an option to change the default music player.....

  • Ahh, I use my iPhone - sorry can't help with technical stuff!

  • I have a Garmin forerunner 10. It's just a basic model but does everything and more than I need. Love it💜

  • I did wonder about something like that.....

  • I got a garmin vivoactive. You can use it for running outside, static running (ie treadmills), walking, swimming, golf (not for me) and cycling too. The way I looked at it, was if as I continue my joints decide that enough is enough, I could take up cycling or swimming and still use it. I've been really impressed with mine and all the statistics it gives you after a run. I got it as a graduation present to myself to encourage me to carry on past graduation. You can set it to vibrate after a certain time or distance, so you could ask it to buzz when you've done 5km or you could ask it to buzz when you've done 30 minutes - there are all sorts of things. I wear mine every day now (it has a step counter and stuff too) but that did mean I had to buy a leather strap as the silicone ones all these watches come with, caused me to get a lovely patch of eczema around my wrist! I've had no issues since swapping to leather though.

  • My friend has just got one of these for Christmas - only thing is, I already have a basic step/sleep counter (a Jawbone Up).......

  • I'd still recommend a garmin, whichever one you go for. I have been incredibly pleased with the stats and they appear to be really accurate too.

  • Thanks - that's useful to know :)

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