Well, I tried running with a 17 week old Lab x Collie last night, with my wife cycling along too. It was rather interesting, and not necessarily to be recommended.

I seemed to spend as much time emptying her mouth of horse poo (the dog, not my wife) and stopping whilst she sniffed at some unseen smell in the verge (again, the dog). I think I shall stick to solo running, or running with other humans for the time being. This way I shall get out for my run as well as as taking the dog for her evening walk. A real win-win for me, especially if I can get a ride in too!


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20 Replies

  • I know the scenario. It's just not worth the hassle. You have to walk the dog and then get your run while your dog is snoozing post walkies. Hopefully if you tire the dog out you can get your run before it wakes up and starts getting into mischief. You'll probably be tatered by then but we put our dog's needs first don't we. LOL

  • Snoozing...snoozing...I wish she did! We seem to have the ultimate live wire. In bed at 11pm and then up at 4am...or it could be 10 and 3 or midnight and 5, but the pattern is the same. So much for regular runs and bike rides!!

    Of course, our 15 year old son who has been desperate for a dog for years, and who faithfully promised to walk her morning and evening, suddenly has even more to do!!

    For me, its' now lots of walking; not so much running and very little cycling. Hey ho, as long as James and the dog are happy...

    PS. I haven't told him that when he go to uni in 3 years, he is taking the dog!

  • Lol. Are you sure about that? You'll be camping out with him because you can't bear to be parted from the dog :-)

  • 'In bed at 11pm and then up at 4am' - I had no idea collie crosses were so sleepy. I don't think my last springer spaniel slept at all for the first 6 years.

  • Thanks!

  • Hmmm...! Where's my tent...?

  • Hmm, I know the scenario. I'd never have another high energy dog! Having said that, I walk a very strong dog every week, and he comes to me for holidays, and with his help I've lost nearly four stones in weight. It was only when I lost all the weight that I took to running

    I wish I could run with him regularly. I try but he thinks it's a game and messes about. LOL

  • I dread to think what would happen to me if I tried running with my son's collie, I'm pretty sure I would be smelling horse poo after I landed head first in it. Collies run like the wind though, might speed me up a notch ;)

  • Speed isn't important ~ as I keep telling myself!!

    Izzie is Lab x Collie (as well as other things thrown in), but at just 17 weeks she is not quite as fats as she will be; not quire, but nearly.

    I had her on a longish lead, but I think I may make that the last running outing. Discretion and all that.

  • She will love running with you and will get better at it, shes just a baby yet. :)

  • I know; she is absolutely wonderful! She will get better at running, and in time she will get better off her lead which will make running with her much easier.

    In the meantime, I shall have to leave her in the car when I run and make sure she gets a really good walk (sniffs etc) with the family. I will NOT take her cycling though!

  • I've just got a new adopted dog George jack russell 3 weeks ago, and on week one we took him out , my partner walking him along seafront whilst i ran ahead, planning to meet up with him on my return! George made a fuss and wimpered to catch up so Boz ended up jogging along with me and the dog, which got rather hot after 2 miles, in coat hat and boots! Quite funny for me tho! :) Your dog sounds really lively but they are great fun! I do walk and run seperately, like you say, you get even more exercise that way!

  • Extra exercise ~ I may get lighter yet!! Lovely dog and thinner; now that is a win-win situation.

    Give George a fuss for me.

  • Thankyou ! George sends a lick back :)

  • Have said before but I think they do get to have some understanding of the difference between a 'run' and a sniffage walk. I've never run *without* my Welsh Springer (would probably never have started if it hadn't been for her), although if she always had to be on the lead we'd probably get fed up, so it does influence where I run to a degree (not where/when I am likely to encounter many other runners for one thing). There's no option to go for a run and take her for a walk unfortunately - I just don't have the energy for that and one of the downsides of running is that sometimes I'm not up to taking her out on the other days (and yes, I have children who mithered like mad for a dog and said they'd walk her....)

    A hands free bungee lead helps. My most recent run was along the canal and I did get misled that she was thirsty because it was warm when actually she was after a duck.

  • Thanks. I think Izzie is currently at the 'let's see just how many times I can wrap the lead round dad's legs' stage; which I suspect is her way of saying, ' let me off this thing; I want to run free'.

    I went for a brief run this morning and left her in the car. She is now flat-out on her back [unusual] asleep [even more unusual]. My run must have tired her out!!

    I shall go somewhere without sheep and ponies and try her running along side me without a lead. Where is the tide-times book...?

    PS. Did she get the duck?

  • I've lucked out - we've a 10-12yo-ish Sprocker. On a harness and long lead clipped around my waist, he does tend to the left which is a little annoying and I occasionally have to pirouette as he always returns to the left by going behind me, but rarely gets under my feet. At a comfortable 5:30 he's trotting - I have to speed up to get him to run. Very little "assist", and sometimes a loose lead, but a joy to run with, on-lead and off.

  • I look forward to running with Izzie off lead. She is getting there, but the big white fluffy sheep may be at attraction too far.

  • This has made me chuckle!! I can't imagine the tangle of a lead, bike and all those legs! :)

  • I can imagine it, and the associated cuts, grazes, bruises and broken bones. All whilst Izzie is sitting on top of my battered body wagging her tail and waiting for a treat for sitting!

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