Form an orderly queue - I have a big bag of hugs :) (and Christmas kisses from the pooches)

Form an orderly queue - I have a big bag of hugs :) (and Christmas kisses from the pooches)

I know.

Huge apologies and thank you for all your lovely comments <3

I've been utterly remiss in my posting. This niggly hip has been a real pain since the blindfold run, well ever since I took that tumble really. One run will go fine with only minor pain and the next will leave me hobbling around for days. I'm at a loss and I couldn't bear to just keep posting moans and whinges! I've now had nearly five weeks without a proper run and the pain is only present sporadically so, after Christmas I'll try easing back into things.

I'm sure I've missed loads of graduation parties and exciting stuff in the last few weeks but I haven't been just couch-potatoeing, honest (well only when Strictly was on)๐Ÿ˜ Have been busy with littlest dawg, who has ruptured her cruciate ligament, :'( so I've had warm, furry company on my days on the IC. Booked in for the (extortionately, eye-wateringly expensive) operation this week and the poor little mite is set for enforced crate rest for 6 weeks post op. That should be fun! Bless her, she never complains. I'd be busy having a right old rant and moan.

During my own semi-enforced rest, I've been pondering the strange phenomenon that is shape shifting and decided that it's really not very fair. How is it, that during the 12 weeks it took me to complete c25k and a few weeks afterwards, I developed a svelte(ish), toned(ish), hourglass(ish) figure and yet within the 5 weeks of an on/off injury it has reverted to looking like a misshapen potato atop 2 chipolatas? C'est la vie I guess...

In other exciting news, I can confirm that I have poop-picked approximately 245 gifts, carefully hidden around the garden by the darling furries since my last post (I just worked it out, seven poops a day over say 5 weeks).

How interesting is my life?

Don't you wish you were me?

Why one pooch poops 3 times a day and one 4 times is still a mystery. They both eat the same amount but I digress... You see? I'm reduced to posting about dog poop when I have no running to report! ;)

I must just say a huge thank you to Sofargoner, whose timely note made me realise how much I've missed all your banter and support. It will be a 'bit of a week' this week so I may probably still be a tad quiet. Not only is it the week of Fidget's big op but it will also be the first anniversary of my lovely Dad's death, followed by my birthday (46 +VAT since you ask), and then Christmas will be upon us. The week after I should be back to "normal"!

I'll be back, stalking the new graduates to ply with fizz and merriment :) I still have my stash of bubbles, balloons, tickertape and tiaras (and that's just for the gentlemen). Lurid pink pom poms have been added especially for SFG and will be available under the graduation tree on the day :)

I've seriously got to get myself back on track because that cheeky number one son has entered me for the OCR Major Series in March๐Ÿ˜จ

Love and fuzzies all you wonderful peeplings :) :) :)


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39 Replies

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  • Welcomeback to the forum. I've missed your entertaining posts

  • Ooh me likey your profile pic! That's a nice stash of ukes :) Have you and your group been playing any Christmas fayres? We saw a group of 5 playing for a Christmas nativity locally - gorgeous...

  • Yes Stockport Ukulele Players have been quite busy these last couple of months. Great fun!

  • I wish I were closer!

  • There is probably a ukulele group near you. We get everywhere

  • First of all big have been missed missus๐Ÿ˜Š

    Next, sorry to hear you're not back to full fitness. That fall did more damage than you thought. Don't fret though you will get back out there in the New Year and start on that body sculpting again I'm sure.

    Sorry too for your littlest pooch. I hope the operation is a success. Its hard putting them through stuff like this cos' they don't understand but absolutely necessary to get him back on his feet again. Good luck.x

    As far as pooper scooping goes I old girl does huge ones and I somehow manage to find one with my wellie when out on a search and clear mission...๐Ÿ˜ฌ

    Wishing you and yours a happy Christmas ( still thinking about loved ones no longer with us) and a Happy running New Year. xxx

    Takes another hug them moves aside so next peson can step forward. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Phwoar, that was a good hug! I'm liking this hugging lark :) Big love to you and yours for Christmas too. I know there's happy runnings forecast for the New Year!

  • Forgot to say piccy of your pooches is adorable, and sorry I called Fidget a boy๐Ÿ˜† I hope I didn't offend her. xxx

  • To be fair, she thinks she's a boy anyway๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Brilliant to hear from you, great post!

    I'm currently in the ladies toilets in a local burgh hall (don't ask) dressed in running gear en route to w9 r2 trying to decide whether to go to a different park but will that muck up my time/distances!?

    Shall report back later X

  • ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘okay, I'm not asking but you have to promise to tell all later ๐Ÿ˜‚ Now go smash your penultimate run :) xx

  • I think I made a mistake.....shall post after shower (I'm melting)...

  • You've not been running around in the sauna again? ;)

  • Lovely to hear from you! Hope this week goes as well as possible, and you have lots of support from those around you (as well as tons of virtual support from everyone here!).

  • Thank you muchly Rainbow. I wish I hadn't left it so long. This place, everyone here, lift my spirits in an instant!

  • Oh what a gorgeous pic, they're a beautiful dogs!

    It sounds like you've got full on days even without the running. Hope pooch gets over the operation without too much sadness during the period after, and hope you're back to your normal self soon.

  • Thanks a million Tomas. It's a big week for me but as the little pooch is going to need so much tlc, it's actually taken my mind off the sadder parts a bit. The picture is cool isn't it - I love it when they're clean and unsmelly (which isn't all that often if truth be told)! :)

  • Wahey ! Its the lovely McFitty !

    Ah, its good to see you on here again, I have missed your posts :-)

    So sorry to hear of your niggly hip, I had one last year and ended up going to see a physio. He sorted it for me and I think I ended up having 4 weeks off.

    What gorgeous pooches ! Oh I hope the op goes well , its such a worry when theyre poorly and not right isn't it ? Fingers ( and pug paws ) crossed for a speedy recovery :-)

    Lovely to see you back and I hope you have a great Christmas xxx

  • Thank you Pops. Good to be back! It's like having kids again with the dogs. Every waking minute spent worrying about them! I'm not looking forward to her being crated for 6 weeks. She's such a live wire and I know she'll hate it, but cruel to be kind and all that.

    I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet and go see a physio, my GP is great but even she is scratching her head now. It's so frustrating because I have a good run and think it's sorted and then it flares up again. I've left it a while now and although I can still feel it, it's definitely not as obvious.

    Seriously LOVING that perfect pug profile pic! That tongue! Want to hugapug :)

    Have a fab Christmas yourself (and don't spoil the pooch too much) :)

  • Welcome back party organiser extraordinaire ! Great that you are back with us! Sorry to hear about you and about Fidget . Look after yourself and littlest pooch!

    Here are a couple of hugs saved up over recent weeks ((())) , more available if required to get you through this difficult week.

    Hope you are back to full health very very soon xxxxx

  • Thank you so much Jacs:) All the hugs are having the desired effect. I know I can totally rely on you as Chief Hugger, to supply more if needed!

  • What cuties! I bet they get away with all sorts with those innocent wee faces...

    Hope you and they and everyone else on the IC are up and running (literally) very soon. x

  • PS I work in a jail and the prisoners are all miserable over Christmas. The staff aren't much jollier quite frankly. So I'm going to invite them all to join the hugs and kisses queue too. You won't notice a few hundred extra will you? :)

  • I'll take all the hugs I can get this week! And I don't mind sharing. Anyone stuck in prison over Christmas, staff or inmate deserves some hugs. And the doggles LOVE extra kisses :)

  • Oh darling McFitty, massive hugs coming your way. What a time you're having. I am so sorry for the loss of your dear Dad, the first year, they say, is always the worst, and then little by little it gets a tiny bit easier. I think it's because you can tell yourself that you got through the first year, so you can get through the second and so on. I bet you have loads of wonderful memories of him with you, your family and friends. Think of those and try to smile. It's bittersweet I know, but somehow it does help.

    As for your dear Fidget, poor pooch, but what a stalwart!

    And now you, please take care gorgeous, try to look after yourself too and not just everyone else and the woofers. Your hourglass figure will be back in no time, but make sure you get your niggly hip seen to professionally, that's far more important.

    Strictly was fab-u-lous, wasn't it!

    Love and hugs to you ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜โค๏ธโค๏ธXX Floss

  • Aww thank you Flossie22. Wise words - on all fronts. I am totally hugged up now and ready to face the week :)

  • You've been missed here McFitty. It's so fab to see you back again and I look forward to reading your highly amusing posts once more. Good luck with the littlest dawg ๐Ÿ‘ and have a very happy Christmas ๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ„

  • Thanks Irishprincess! The littlest dawg is my main worry at the moment. I know she'll be fine but I hate seeing them in pain when they don't understand :( Will have my happy face back once she's safely through surgery :)

  • I know. It's so hard when they're not well ๐Ÿค•

  • Hope all goes well for your doggy and that you are back running soon too... and feeling good in general.... nice to have you back,we have missed your exuberance ! x

  • Thanks Ali, I promise to exuber to the max asap :)I can feel my exuber muscle flexing as I type!

  • Mc Fitty!!!! I have so missed you and your posts!

    Really, really sorry about the jiggly niggly hip...horrible!

    Take it, as ever, slow and steady this week... keep the lid on the celebration box until the weekend.:)

    Hoping the little dog goes on well too, and I know you will be back to your normal wonderful bubbly self very soon.

    Huge hugs for youxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Lovely, lovely Floss ๐Ÿ˜š thank you! Hope your ribs are all healed now? What a fabulous Christmas this will be with a new little person to enjoy it with! There's nothing quite as lovely as baby's first Christmas. Huge hugs right back at ya! Have a wonderful Christmas xxx

  • Thinking of Fidget this week, poor pup. I'm sorry your running has been all over since your tumble. It's so easy to do. Hopefully as you build up In The new year it will sort itself out, we will all be here to help. Take care. Rfc X.,

  • Thanks rfc. This is most definitely the best place to come for tlc and uplift! Have just heard that number one son is joining us Christmas day, so a very gentle, Christmas morning 'jogette' is planned. I am starting to smile already :)

  • Ah that's a lovely pic! They do look sweet. Hope all goes well for you and your pooch this week! :)

  • Thanks debze. She's my canine wingwoman and I can't wait 'til she's pain free again. There's a lot of paws crossed for her! :)

  • So good to hear from you. Fingers crossed that the post Christmas plans work. Be kind to yourself this week & enjoy the festivities :-)

  • Hi RG! Thank you and big happies to you for the festive season! :)

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