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W8 R2

I've been on the IC for 6 days with a very heavy cold, chesty cough, sore throat etc, so wondered how the second run would go with that longer break and it went well! I didn't feel quite so strong as I did on W8 R1 so I chose to vary my route and head up a wee hill in the last 5 minutes so I could ease into a slight downhill on the last 2 minutes (sneaky!) I would remind you that I also chose this route as I have a slight downhill in the first 5 mins then an uphill (again, easing myself into it!)

I wondered briefly if I wouldn't manage 28 mins, having been fighting a virus.

I actually felt this thought sneak into my mind at the 5 minute and 14 minute reminders from Laura but you know what, I took those thoughts captive and kept on keeping on! You just gotta put your head up, chest back, keep it slow and steady and go for it!

Yay- so one more to do (Thursday?) then try W9 starting at the weekend. I am wondering about trying a park run on the other side of the city on Christmas Eve.

I am still incredulous that I am here, after all the slow weeks with repeat runs, especially that bl***y Week 4!

I can't stress enough to anyone reading this to trust the programme, it really works.

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Go you! That finish line is in sight now. x


I would deffo do the parkrun 😊

Sounds like you're on the mend ☺

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Sounding good! Definitely do the park run - you'll enjoy it

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