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Week2R1 - hope it counts

Still feeling a bit annoyed thinking about week2 R1. Had to run by myself as husband looking after our toddler and towards the end of the warm up I dropped my IPod while taking my hoody off and had to stop for a second to pick it up. Then I stressed that it might invalidate the run. IPod slipped out of my hand again during a later walking segment, but that time I didn't panic so much and jogged on the spot. I did all the runs as instructed, but did find it really hard. This time I got more pain in my knees which hasn't completely gone yet. I don't think it helped my knees that I went on a walk around a country park as soon as I had showered, because my daughter was desperate to go. I am going to try to be optimistic about the next run and have now got a fancy looking running pouch from sports direct which was really reduced plus some cheap ear clip earphones. Maybe the kit will make my runs a bit less uncomfortable. Really hope that my knees are ok tomorrow. I wasn't looking forward to my next run, but feel a bit better after reading a few other blogs.

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Yes, the run counts! I know what you mean about worrying about the brief stop but I think that in the context of nine weeks of running it is insignificant. A bind about your knees; as I think I have said before, I am a plump lady too, and the knees do feel the strain a bit. Like you, I did a long walk after a run and found the next day that it made knee pain much worse, so I won't do that again.

However, I have found that so long as I run very slowly and don't bounce up and down that helps. Also, I'm on W7 now, and have found that my leg muscles are much, much stronger, and that the knee pain has now gone almost completely. My last tip - I haven't stuck rigidly to the day on/day off structure, and will sometimes leave two or even three days between runs. This seems to help too. I hope that the pouch and earphones make a difference - anything that helps you to focus on running rather than getting distracted with extraneous irritations has to be a good thing. I hope that it goes well - you'll soon be on W7 too!


Thanks a lot for the support and tips. There was a moment in bed last night when my knees were hurting and I did wonder if running is for people whose legs don't have to carry as much weight as mine! It is nice to think that it might get less painful! Well done on reaching week 7, I keep my eyes peeled for your graduation!


A little wee stop doesn't invalidate anything. There are no running police! (I stole that from someone else) the knees do suffer with some of us. Have you tried the knee exercises on the C25k main page? I should do them more. And as the last poster said, don't be afriad to leave more recovery time if you need it. It's not a race, it's a journey.

Keep it up. You've already taken the biggest step by starting.


Thanks, I didn't know about those. Must check them out, but prob won't have time to look them up today so I hope that my knees hold out until tomorrow! I will bear in mind that I can always postpone a run, if I am not recovered yet!


Don't worry. I did w2r1 yesterday and had to stop on the last but one run. I had pain in my knees. If I have to repeat every week 4 or 5 times instead of the 3 it wont matter.

I will try again on Thursday and Saturday.


Thanks. Good luck! I don't really know why, but I just don't want to repeat a run unless I absolutely have to. Although I stopped for one or two seconds to retrieve my IPod in the warm up walk, I had started walking before the podcast, so I feel as though I still did it. I will see how the other runs go this week as I may need to repeat one anyway. Since I can't push back race for life, I feel that I need to keep moving in the programme. Still worried about the fact that the race is 5k and very hilly, but I am having probs running much less far on the flat! Good on you and your determination!


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