Bleating sheep?

Well it's a lovely day out there.

Off I went for W2R2, full of enthusiasm and optimism. All went well, shin pain is reducing, although still there. Apart from one uphill run, it didn't feel too bad, except that my legs felt as though they were made of lead. It could have been worse, they could be made of osmium (that's for all the scientists out there!)

Whilst listening to the music during one of the runs, I thought I could hear a sheep bleating very rhythmically in the distance (don't worry, I am in the countryside). Strangely she seemed to stop when I walked. Off I went again, on Laura's instruction, and she started bleating again. Slowly over the course of the session, I came too the realisation that it wasn't a lost sheep that I could hear calling pleadingly for her flock, but the wheezing of my own asthmatic lungs! :-(


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11 Replies

  • Oh poor ewe (sorry, couldn't resist!) ;) Great that you got out there again and the shins are improving. Hopefully your breathing will improve too as you get fitter over the next few weeks..

  • Fab post, well done you tho! LOVE that pic of you and the harp! Have you got Welsh connections with a name like that AND a harp?

  • Yes, as you guessed I'm very Welsh. Although living in England now. I don't actually play the harp, I was messing about on my sister in law's. But, I do speak Welsh if that makes up for it! ;-)

  • Gwych! Dysgu'r Gymraeg ydw i! Eithaf hapus i siarad, nid cystal wrth sgwennu!

  • Rwy'n ychydig allan o arfer nawr fy mod yn byw yn Lloegr. Nid wyf erioed yn dda am ysgrifennu yn fy mamiaith. Pob lwc gyda'r rhedeg a'r iaith :-)

  • You look like a pro harpist! I carry a ventolin when I'm running and take a puffafterwards - maybe you should take one before.

  • I never go anywhere without my ventolin and take my seretide religiously twice a day!

  • Actually, since I started running, my asthma has got better =- not gone but not as bad as it used to be. There's hope for us all ...

  • Fantastic news...the flock is growing!! No worries about the bleating, will make us easy to find if ever we should fall!! It took me weeks to realize that there wasn't a fat man with a terrible breathing problem following me each time that I set out on a run! :-)

    Keep Running...and Bleating!! :-)


  • It was a little disappointing when I realised that it was neither a sheep nor a fat man with a breathing problem, but me, a fat woman with a breathing problem!! :-(

  • Up til now I have regularly done the Lesley Sansone 5 mile walk dvd...and as I got fitter my asthma has definitely I am hoping the running will help even more...I always have my inhaler and take my seretide twice a day too. My problem is that I get violent coughing fits when I stress my lungs too much..and you simply cannot keep running when you are folded in two and purple in the face :(( and cold air sets it off.......might have to focus on running round the house to the podcast until spring is here

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