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Week 6 in the Bag!!!!

A little late posting this update, just spent a great weekend in Brussels soaking up the Christmas markets and also plenty of Belgian beer :)

Last Thursday Week 6 run 3 was successfully completed. Although the weather was a little on the cold side when I set off after getting home from work at 6.30pm, I still felt that too much clothing would make me overheat, so off I set in shorts and short sleeved t-shirt with the only barrier against the cold being a hat (my wife and daughter think I must be mad). Anyway, after the brisk 5-minute warm up off I set for a few laps on my circular route, and judging by my kilometre splits I seemed to have found a steady pace:

1k - 8' 47" (includes 5 minute warm up walk)

2k - 6' 41"

3k - 6' 58"

4k - 6' 48"

and the last .17 km in around 8 minutes (very steady warm down walk)

Looking forward to beginning week 7 this evening.

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Great post ! Well done. I don't think I could have run in T shirt. Although don't like to have too many layers . Minimum I have is Long sleeved T shirt and sweatshirt. Even then when starting had shock of teeth "chattering" back at me !!

Your wife and daughter are right , but your not on your own. We are all mad !! This forum is definitely for you !

Look forward to hearing how you progress !


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