Completed C25k?

So I have completed C25k... Sort of..

I have been using a C25k iPhone app, which isn't the NHS programme and whilst it is true that I have run for 30min today, my app is only 8 weeks long instead of 9 and finishes when you have only done one 30min run instead of the NHS programme which makes you do 3x30min runs in week 9.

Therefore I am going to not get too excited about it and get 3 more 30min runs in next week before claiming that I have completed this.

Also, something that bothers me is that I have done all my runs on a treadmill set at a speed of 9.5km/h which, using some basic mathematics, tells me I have ran 4.75km in that half hour instead of the 5k.. ;)

I know the above is quite OCD, sorry.. :D

On the plus side, I have completed my app.. YAY!


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10 Replies

  • So very nearly there, well done.

    I used the NHS C25K podcast with Laura. She clearly states that the objective is to run for 30 minutes, three times in a week. The 5km target is just that: a target, but is clearly not for everyone.

  • Who's Laura?

  • NHS C25K voice over, urger on, congratulator and task mistress .. she is wonderful :)

  • Haha im starting to feel i've missed out! 😀

  • Well. many of us adore her.. her choice in music is an acquired taste and many of us really miss her after Graduation.. so much so, that we go on after a few weeks to do the C25K + podcasts.. for Graduates:)

  • Hi i had the same situation on my c25k journey. I used an app by Zen labs which ended as did yours after 8 weeks so i had to do the extra week of 3 x 5k runs .

    Its not a problem you have proved to your self you can do 30 mins so 3 more is easy

  • I'm sure its not an issue..

    I have 12 days between now and my birthday which is when I was aiming to complete so definitely doable..

    Any advice as to what to do after C25k?

    I read a lot of people take some weeks to do 30min runs before embarking on a 10k programme, or do some park runs..

  • ...or indeed, they should be taking a few weeks to consolidate the thirty minute runs :)

  • As MarkyD says.. the aim, is three 30 minute runs :) And..if you have run one, no problem to run a few more :)

    Go you!

  • Well done that is fantastic, and very few people get to do the 5k within 30 minutes....

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