Week 7 R2 (time to leave the cemetery ?) maybe not !

This was the hardest day yet ?? No idea why ?

Also I run around my local cemetery (it's behind my house - no it's not scary !) I know I need to change my route, but this does terrify me as I'm rather clumsy when it comes to traffic and pavements !! And live people will see me running/plodding !!

Does anybody live near Bexhill on Sea & know of any safe routes ?


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9 Replies

  • Great area to run I would have thought ☺ The offroad trails would get you out of traffic and public gaze. have a look on mapmyrun for ideas When you are more confident, the prom. that could be your graduation run ☺

    The cemetery sounds a bit dead end 😈😆

  • Live people are usually so wrapped up in their own lives to take any notice of us runners. And just think of venturing out on the pavements as the next step in the programme. Show off. That's what I do 😊

  • If you are out early it can be 'dead' everywhere! Go for it!

    I don't cross busy roads, even when I ran around Islington. I tend to plan my route to avoid these. You may need to do a reccy first! Worse case is running around an estate if there is one near you. Just get out there. No one notices us runners, be bold and say 'Good Morning' to passers by! 😃😃Enjoy!

  • The best part of running is getting over the fear of what other people think. As Katie Melua says, it's all in your head - in fact nobody notices you, you're just another of the numerous nutters in trainers. Go on, give the cemetery a break and try out the world of the living. Get out on the road - as Jacs-W says, there are fewer people around early in the morning, and it'll build your confidence up after a few runs on the street.

  • I bet you notice runners far more now than you ever did before you started running? Exactly! People just don't notice or pay any attention. Even if they do, they will admire your effort. You're already a step ahead of where I was as I completed the first six weeks of the programme on a treadmill before I discovered how great it was to run outside. Haven't looked back since! Try walkjogrun.net where people log their running routes. You can add to it too! Trust me - running along the seafront is just glorious (pick the non-windy days though) so that should definitely be an addition to your future route plans. :)

  • I run around my local park which is quite large - I do around six laps for the 25 minute runs. I've kind of got stuck in this as a routine now - loads of people are around and see me, and dogs often try to join me - but I don't really care what people think - usually just smile at them! I'm doing a Santa Run in just over a week and am a little scared because I've never done a new route, even though the roads will be shut. I'd love to run by the sea - I'd give it a go if I were you!

  • How's your week 8 going? Popped by to see as we were at the same stage. I developed a very bad head cold after Monday so I have been on the IC. I went to the gym on weds to do some exercise and was all shaky and had to come home so I realised my body was fighting a virus. I'm resting up again today as well as I'm still at that stage where I wake up shattered because of snotty nose and sore throats keeping me awake. Must try again on Saturday though.

  • Hi, thanks for dropping by. I was supposed to do run 3 today, but my day has gone to pot !!

    I will hopefully do it tomorrow. I'm still running around the cemetery. I nearly decided to drive down to beach to do a run along the front, but decided against it as I thought it was too flat !!! & I have got used to running up & down hills (how sad is that).

    Hope you feel better tomorrow and you get out and run.


  • thanks for the kind thoughts. I haven't. Went from snotty and sneezing to wheezing and coughing and continual sore head. Not sleeping well due to congestion so just gonna get over this and try and get back out on Monday x

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