Wanting weight loss??

I think that most men (and even women ) need to read this!!! I do believe that most of my weight loss has come about from my cutting WAY WAY back on my drinking and sugars intake - moreso than my regular 4 days per week running programme . But my weightloss makes me enjoy my running programme more and ensures therefore that I will continue it!! :) smh.com.au/comment/how-pete...


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  • Absolutely agree Bazza1234 . I've cut carbs (i.e. Sugars) and lost loads of weight. The running has toned everything up and given me motivation to change my diet but I wouldn't have lost with just exercise 😀

  • Completely agree. It works. And by going low carb and eating full fat with medium protein the weight falls off without leaving me to tired to exercise. Can be good for Type2 diabetes too.

  • Yes, I watch the sugars! 😊

  • We have cut our sugar intake to minimum and have reduce our carbs and increased our vegetable intake. What a difference it made! But then at our age we need the running to firm up so it works really well together.

  • Agree. If you expect to lose weight with the programme you are going to be disappointed but changing your diet and exercising together will do it there are no quick fixes!

  • I have followed a healthy diet, without sugar for years, husband is Type 2 diabetic, ( Genetic not lifestyle)... we have recently tweaked our eating regime, using aspects of Michael Mosley's Low Carb' eating plan.

    My running certainly has toned and tightened bits..keeps me feeling fit and happy; and husband, has started supplementing his walking with daily exercise time on my Cross trainer..his blood sugars are impressive. He has lost a couple of pounds that were irritating him and feels pretty darned good.


    Currently, as I am on the IC, I am really watching the eating plan and supplementing my non running with sessions on the cross trainer, the joy of low impact exercise, ( very, very steady and very very useful). Yoga and simple strength and flex exercise are hopefully going to keep me fairly fit :)

    Thanks for the link Bazza1234 :)

  • I did the Michael Moseley blood sugar 9 week diet and lost 1.7 stones at the end of summer. Some of it back on again but I agree that cutting carbs helps with weight loss (and in my case helps me manage my type 2 diabetes)

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