Weight Loss Reassurance

Weight Loss Reassurance

It has just occurred to me that a lot of people probably started C25K in Jan as part of a weight loss plan.

I wanted to reassure you all that weight loss CAN be achieved with running (and a balanced diet). Maybe this will motivate just one person to keep going :-)

To prove it I'll embarrass myself with this photo.

The difference is nearly 10 stone in approximately 15 months. (still got 4 or 5 stone to go)

I've only be running since July 2016 (started with cycling).

I've cut NOTHING out of my diet - I just moderate how often (not very) and how much (not much) "crap" I eat :-D


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25 Replies

  • Great photos, thanks for sharing. Many experience the weight loss after the longer runs after week 6 Did you find that or did it happen straight away for you?

  • Fabulous.... what an amazing difference. Thankyou for sharing and WELL DONE. Your perseverance and determination have enabled you to make this fabulous change which will add years to your life as well as all the other benefits weight loss and running gives :)

  • I'd already lost 5 stone by the time I started C25K so the weight loss continued.

    But if I look at my weight graph on myfittnesspal I can defiantly see bigger drops from August onward (So yes wk6 onwards, when you are running more than walking.

    Body shape is also MASSIVELY different! If I was being modest... I'd say my calves and thighs look freaking good :-D

    I've gone from 58" to 46" chest, 50" to 40" waist. I'm getting very poor having to replace my entire wardrobe every few months.

    ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED - Buy clothes in a "normal" shop!

  • Cheers for sharing mate. I've started doing this this year and after a month I'm getting people ask me if I've lost weight. I've never heard this before so it's amazing to hear even if I don't think I have but I will for sure keep on going. I enjoy it and it's becoming something I really look forward to. Keep up the good work pal.

  • Yay! Great stuff 😀 You must feel so much better now. When you lose a lot of weight you just feel so much more springy

    Good luck with the weight loss. Stick at it 😀 I did and sooooo glad I did 😇

  • well done. I started the programme to get fitter and lose some weight. I started running in January and have lost 4lbs, my aim is to get back to a 32" waist currently a 34" I even know where the weight gain came from, a new job and a small bottle of Lucozade with my lunch every day!

  • Motivation overload!! Thanks for sharing. Just what I needed to see today

  • Great post and photo. Well done. I was similar lost about 1 stone prior to starting C25K then nearly another 2 stone. although in my case it was a health wake up call. I was heading towards being diabetic.

    I was about just under 3 stone over what would be my top end of normal BMI (10st 2lb). Got down to 10st 4lb before Xmas am now at 10st 9lb Think due to Xmas and not so regular running some crept back on but is now stabilizing. The scales sometimes "wink" 10st 8lb at me. I'm not worried because as you my diet has never really changed just cutting out the snacking and more regular exercise. Think the regular pastries and snacks, biscuits etc. that regularly circulate round workplaces don't help. Think there is a minor conspiracy by those who want biscuits buy them for everyone to hide their guilt !!

    I didn't consider myself unfit because I used to cycle about 3 times per week about 3 miles too and from work. When I became semi-retired just over a year ago with more time I took up running. My doctor didn't diagnose being pre diabetic and discouraged me from running.

    It's a shame that we have to have a potential health wake up call to get going but glad I did so now High blood pressure gone and don't face a possible future on medication and feel great mentally and physically.

    Regularly run 6K or a bit more for 40 to 45 minutes. When want to take it easy just do 5K over about 34 minutes. Am doing more studying and feel more alive !

  • Well done with your transformation. I look forward to the day I can worry about 5 or 6 lbs.

    I had my own wake up call... healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

  • Just read your "Wake up call" story. Well done !!

  • Wow! What an achievement, and what a difference! You look fab! I wanna see these legs!

    I lost a bit, about 5-6 KGs, I didn't think I needed to but I feel better without it.

    Do you enjoy your running?

  • Thank you. You make me blush!

    I am absolutely addicted to running and I really enjoy it!

    That's not to say that some days when it's dark, cold, wet and windy that I'm not moaning the entire time I getting ready... while I'm tying my shoe laces and making sure I'm connected to GPS, grumbling to myself. Once I'm out the door - I love it!

  • Wow, super inspirational post! Thank you very much for sharing, and you've done tremendously well.

  • Awesome post and like you say..if helps just one person you know it's worth it. Amazing. You should be very proud. 😊

  • Thank you. If just one person decides to run today when they were thinking of putting it of, or one person picks up the apple instead of the cake, then I'll consider the embarrassment of putting my mug on the internet a success.

  • Well done you.. out there, doing it and sharing the success...looking good too :)

  • Brilliant! Well done - losing a lot of weight is one of the best things I've done too. (took me a bit longer than you tho!)

  • Looking great. It's all about changing bad habits for good ones. If you can change the way you eat just enough to be loosing a little weight rather than gaining a little, then that is far better than really restricting yourself a lot. A small change for a long time becomes habit forming, and the bad foods that you once craved are no longer appealing. The same goes for the running. The C25K program is great because it increases the effort really gradually, and the running becomes an enjoyable habit that you look forward to. If on the other hand you decide to take up running and go storming out the door on the first day with the goal of running 5km then in no time you will be fed up with it and stop.

    In my opinion you have tackled weight loss and getting fit in exactly the right way.

    Happy Running :)

  • What a difference. You must feel fantastic :D

    It's encouraging to hear your experiences I've just completed C25K and have been a bit disappointed that I've only lost about 5lb in all :( despite eating healthier too. But I have found that my clothes are getting a lot looser, especially my trousers so I'm guessing that there is some toning up going on. I'm aiming to run 2 - 3 times a week now and slowly increase my distance and duration so hopefully some more weight loss will occur. x

  • NOCLUE - I think you should change your tag - because you DO have a clue!! :) You are certainly heading in the right direction!! It is all the "crap" in the Supermarkets that is our downfall. Eat good food ingredients cooked by ourselves - cut the commercially made stuff - white bread, etc. Fruit and veges, fish, meat, whole grains. AND DON'T FALL OFF THE WAGON!!!! :) Your running can only get better as you lose further weight- but there will also come a time when you can not ( and should not) lose any more weight -- or run faster .

  • You have done brilliantly ! I remember your previous post , your family must be sooo proud of you .

    Well done , you are a true inspiration ! xxx

  • That's brilliant, well done!

  • Wow that's an amazing achievement well done and thanks for posting

  • Well done, all of that weight loss is amazing. I am on a similar path to yourself. On the 26th October last year I was 14 stone 10 pounds. That was the day that I started C25k. This morningI weigh in at 10 stone 4lbs and am able to run 10k, slowly. As well running I used an app called lose it which allows me to remain aware of the amount of calories that I'm eating by entering the foods manually or scanning bar codes. I cut out almost all rubbish From my diet and the weight faded away.

  • Wow! You've done fantastic and you're post is inspirational for others! You must be feeling so pleased with yourself. All the replies here have been helpful for me as I'm trying to loose a stone and my love of sweet things makes it hard for me. I've bought fruit instead of sweets this week! Really hoping my running and NOT eating in the evenings is going to shift the weight.

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