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Help please

Completed C25K over a month ago and although takes me longer than 30 mins to run 5k, was managing regular 40 mins trotting along at my pace until my last few runs. Now last few runs I've struggled to keep going and this morning was a spectacular fail. Walked more than ran and so disappointed. For anyone who has experienced something similar can you offer some advice so I can get going again.

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Maybe you are missing Laura? - maybe go back to week 5 or 6 and run with her a couple of times to get your confidence back a bit. Maybe some pre planned intervals to keep you going longer and remove the sense of failing if you walk?

You know that this is just a mental problem - try a different route or new time of day to break the pattern.

It is colder now - have you got enough layers to keep your muscles warm?

You'll be fine - your legs haven't forgotten how to run.


This has happened to me and I reckon, to very many runners. I was breezing through 5ks, ran a PB of 8.5k and could have gone further... but my last few runs have felt like such hard work I've been struggling to run for 25 mins. On Wednesday I timed my splits for once - my first mile was well under 10 mins, my second was well over, so... setting off too fast (not that it felt like it) and getting knackered too quickly seemed to be my problem. So this morning I set off REALLY slowly and felt much better for the whole 30 mins and felt I could have done more. On the other hand some runs are just really rubbish for no apparent reason; you just have to knuckle down and run through it and it gets better again. Are you subconsciously getting bored, running the same old routes? Also, just taking some time off running for a week or two can be rejuvenating - you won't lose any fitness, any little niggles will settle down, and you'll be chomping at the bit to get going again.

Above all, don't be despondent - it really is par for the course. Good luck!


Hi, Higgles, I agree with Ullyrunner and Jonesycat. Rather than feeling like you are failing (which you're not cos' you are still going out) try some of the things suggested above. Also why not come on here and post your run reports, it can be quite helpful knowing that others are interested and give you a bit more purpose as we totally 'Get it' on here..

Good luck x

P.s you could start by asking for your Graduate badge on the pinned posts. Graduate badges for November.


I had something similar which I've put down to a lack of motivation post-graduation. When you're on the programme you have a goal and a reason to get out there as you know you're making progress. I joined a local road running club but if that isn't available to you or doesn't suit you perhaps you could move on to the 10K programme - there is an app you can get. I hope you find your mojo.👍🏻😊


Well I'm about the same pace as you, and have clocked up some fair old distances. Right now my last two runs, including a parkrun, I've felt like a bag of rusty old spanners clonking along. But, as has already been said, you're going out, that's what matters, doesn't matter if you walk or run, just keep going out, and take pleasure in just being outside, the sights and sounds of the changing seasons, your mojo will come back.

Good luck



How about mixing it up a bit? Some shorter, faster runs? A little 3K should blow the cobwebs away, then next time you'll want to do your usual, longer run. Change your route? Try the C25K + podcasts? They're great, mix it all up with Laura...


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