Physio says rest :-(

Bit the bullet and just back from Physio appointment after the pains of Tuesday's run got the better of me.

Good news - Physio says it'll mend

Bad news - no running and rest for at least 2-4 weeks

Not overly surprised but still disappointed :-(

Ultrasound made it feel alot better but I'm still going to listen and take a little break. I'll still be checking on here and cheering on all you guys that have done the same for me and I'll keep you posted as to news as it happens.

Next appointment Tuesday

Safe & happy running until then xx


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22 Replies

  • You take it easy & look after yourself & you will be back out there before you know it!! In the meantime you can keep us all updated on your progress😊x

  • Thanks Pc59 :-) x

  • Computer says no! But seriously, the physio is right. I wish you a speedy recovery and happy running in a virtual world.

  • Thanks Flossie22 for your kind words :-) I'll be back soon x

  • What did you do?

  • Knee injury Joy57 - very painful too :-(

  • Ouch. Take it easy.

  • Thanks - I will :-) X

  • Very wise to take their advice and take time to heal... did they say if you can do other exercise as that will keep your cardio going?

  • Bear in mind it's very early on a Saturday in my world: when I read the first line I had an immediate image of dereham-girl hopping instead of running....

  • lol pollyp1 - i'd be ok to hop on my good leg x

  • Have to wait for the swelling to go down ju-ju before any attempt at strengthening or exercising on it :-( x

  • Welcome to the IC.... not too bad if we fill our running time with other exercise, or plotting new routes or adventures for when we are healed!

    As ju-ju- asks, do you know what you may be able to do in the form of exercise/ I am using my cross trainer, because it is so, so low impact.. and finding it very useful. Lots of walking too :)

  • Thanks Oldfloss - twiddling my thumbs already and really missing the running - but will heed the physio's advice - no point in going otherwise. Am back for another appointment on Tuesday so will ask then about the walking and let you all know. x

  • It is bad sometimes.. I get twitchy, especially on beautiful crisp clear mornings.. chance for me just yet.. so...I just do what I am able without damaging myself further. :)

    Hope it all goes well, next week :)

  • How long before you can get back in the saddle again Oldfloss? x

  • Well.. it will be three weeks on Thursday since I fell... I am finding the cross training excellent, it has been a god-send, and doing 5K, at a reasonable pace.. but no impact at all really helps, so gentle... walking..I am increasing my speed, but I feel a twinge in my ribs if I hit the footpath too hard... I may, head for the fields and just walk briskly over the next few days.. to see how I go.

    I am trying to maintain my fitness and when I feel I could try a run it will be really, really slow and gentle... maybe the week after next :) x

    When I did this before , it was six weeks before I was given the OK to do anything really strenuous.. but that was because I wanted to get out on the rock face again.. which is where I broke the ribs in the first place.. :)

  • That's sucky, but listen to the physio and your body, Better a few weeks on the couch now than permanent damage... It'll pass... and until it does we'll be here, sending happy vibes to cheer you up!

  • Thank you pollyp1 x

  • Oh dear dereham-girl :( Sorry to hear that you've been advised to stop your running for a while. That's not good. However, I'm glad to hear that it's nothing serious and you'll be back on track within about 4 weeks. :) Just try and enjoy your little break for now. x

  • Thanks Lee337 - the real reason - I wanted to give you time to catch up lol. Seriously at this rate you'll not only catch up but overtake too!!


  • lol Thanks! :D

    Nah, I don't think I'll be overtaking at the moment...I'm finding things difficult to get enough time to sleep at the moment, let alone continue with C25K! I just have so much going on with working nights and trying to get some house viewings in as well. It's not easy to find the time to manage a run during daylight hours. It also doesn't help that at this time of year when the weather can be so rough, you might manage to squeeze a run in but at that particular time there is a hurricane outside! :(

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