physio update life is great again

good news i have been discharged from physio and can run as much as i want no more hopping only way to build my legs up is more running now that"s what i like to hear he told me to bring my staats for last month and was blown away by some of my times and miles i think march was 168 mile"s and april 127 mile"s peace of mind for me so now i can attack my training and aim for my 140 hm time life is great again happy running all

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  • Glad you are back on form and no longer need to worry. Enjoy eating up those miles!

  • thanks ullyrunner good to be physio free now i can attack the road

  • Ah that's great news moger, so pleased for you. No need to wash the heels of your trainers now! x

  • yeah its ok now just got to keep a eye on things but can attack my hm training now

  • Great news - don't wear your legs down to stumps though! ;-)

  • thanks turbo tortoise its good to have the all clear

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