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W6 R3 on the Golden mile

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Hi everyone,

Running towards a tower that constantly changes colour, is an fantastic way to take your mind the run you are completing. I was pleased to have enough energy left to open up a bit for the last minute.

Week 6 out of the way, I will be starting week 7 whilst i'm up here in Blackpool and finishing it back on Portland, which is hilly.

I hope everyone has had a good day.

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What lovely locations for your runs. :-)


Sounds good!😊


Ive spent many happy a time in Blackpool in my younger days. Used to go there for the odd weekend and had a right laugh.

I was in a club there and saw a tenner on the floor, I went to pick it up and it moved ! There was a lad stood a few feet away and he had it on a piece of string and was using it to chat all the girls up. Ha ha ! :-D

Ive walked the Golden Mile lots of times but never ran it, wouldn't mind having a go at that myself !

Well done , great effort ! :-) xxx

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