A bit disappointed

So today is a bit of an odd one for me. I'm looking forward to running along the coast at night time tonight for the beginning of week 8 but I'm also a bit saddened by the fact that despite my 7 weeks of running I've barely lost any weight, maybe about 2lb. I have been taking some comfort these past few weeks on some of the older threads in the forum on running and weight loss.

I've bought a new scale which also measures composition (I know they are inaccurate) but I did have one done back in February from a professional and wanted to see what the general trend was since February. Based on my measurements I've loss muscle mass where I was at 27% I'm now down to 20.4% and my fat has rocketed to 52.2%.

Now as I said I know the figures aren't likely to be accurate but I have read about runners losing muscle mass. The thing is, how do I stop it? I don't have a gym membership and I'm terrible with going to the gym, I prefer being outside.



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  • Don't be disappointed. It's not unusual. You're completely normal.

    Each run in the later parts of C25K are going to burn 250 calories. You'll put that back on simply by having a slice of bread. So C25K alone is not going to help lose weight. If you've lost 2lb, that's actually 1kg and so be proud of that.

    Here's the good news - I bet that you've toned up, perhaps lost some inches, have more core strength and are feeling better about yourself. And have your friends and family commented about your weight loss (even though the scales don't agree)? Running is good for us in all kinds of other ways.

    Ignore the body composition scales. You cannot compare one brand to another, and certainly not with the scales at the professional. Instead, use these new scales to give you a week-by-week comparison. Be prepared for some error each week (some week's you'll lose weight, other weeks it may go up again). What you are looking for is a long-term trend downwards. And always measure your weight first thing in the morning, before breakfast, drinks and after any (ahem) daily habits. Drinking a pint of water is going to add 1lb to your weight. Running 5km could make you lose 2lb in perspiration.

    Don't go to the gym. Keep running. Once you've graduated, gradually run further. Drink as much water as you can (tea, coffee, wine, fruit juice, or anything fizzy is not water). Eat a balanced diet. Control portion-size. You'll lost weight. Promise.

  • Thank you for the advice xx

  • You just keep moving and eating/drinking healthily. It is a gradual process. Weight doesn't fall off unless you are ill. You want a pattern of healthy eating that's sustainable, so get busy setting about transforming your meals. You have to lose more calories than you consume in order to lose weight, which is obvious. Trouble is people don't do that and wonder why the weight doesn't shift. If you stick at it the weight will come off!

    I have lost a lot of weight and continue to drop dress sizes. You lose weight and begin toning up, and if you run long enough you start to see muscle definition 😊 The thing is to keep going, steadily plugging away. Weight loss happens quite quickly in the first week or two and levels off. two pounds a week is possible but it all depends on how you tackle it. I usually lost a pound a week but I was ok with that. You want to be healthy, and be able to sustain your runs, and whatever other exercise you might like to do. Walking is fantastic. Aim to walk everywhere. Leaving the car at home and you will see success at the scales. Just keep moving! 😊

    Stay positive and be determined to achieve your goals. Write them down and hang them up where you can see them.

    I don't do gyms. You don't need to. C25k, walking,swim, cycle, Zumba etc is all good. Just keep that body moving!

  • That's amazing to go down multiple dress sizes. I've been trying to do over 10,000 steps a day as well as the run. Thank you for the inspiration :D

  • I gained 5 pounds in first 2 weeks. It was only my third week when I actually started counting calories and discovered that I eat more than I thought I did. Also scales are deceptive as well as body composition done home. Just use measuring tape and I'm sure you'll see the difference. The scales will catch up eventually as long as you persist.

  • What an acheivement✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ Seven weeks learning to run and about to start week eight and the bonus of losing 2 lb! There is lots of wise advice on here to guide you. You are on the journey to a healthier lifestyle and doing really well.

    Go, enjoy your wonderful run along the coast - you are challenging your body and mind. Hurrah for you 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    The strength and flex podcasts are good to use on rest days.

    Look forward to your run report - sitting quietly waiting to cheer you in! 🙋🏼

  • Thanks will write about it in a post ^^ Was a fun run :D

  • Great advice from everyone...I am just completing W8 and haven't lost an ounce BUT....my waist is slowly reappearing, I have far more flex in my body, I can run up stairs without being out of breath and my skin so looking good ....I think I will lose when I am doing longer runs faster at least 3 times a week and that's a way off yet so I'm being patient (not a virtue of mine) and decided that the weight loss benefits are longer term :-) Good luck 😀

  • You have to be patient as it can be a long haul to lose weight safely. It's so worth it though. Keep doing the 10,000 steps a day as a minimum. It's not that hard if you walk everywhere ☺

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