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So, I ate a full 200g bag of mixed nuts yesterday and felt absolutely disgraced with myself. Going out for my run today I thought, right that’s it, go harder, go faster, and work those blooming nuts off (not literally :p )!

However, the 5 min warm up walk was really hard. It was breezy and cool and I was absolutely freezing, had earache, coughing and spluttering, blowing my nose, and very nearly turned around and went home. Then I thought of all of you, willing me on, my wonderful cheerleaders :) ! So I continued my walk further into the wilds, but boy those 40 mins were hard work! Winny was thoroughly enjoying himself with all the rabbits and pheasants that we saw. I just wasn’t feeling hopeful for the run at all.

The first 5 minutes running nearly saw the last of me. My legs felt like ice and I couldn’t breathe. ‘Sort yourself out, you’ve done this twice already’, I thought. I slowed down and concentrated on my breathing. ‘Our Laura’ piped up about having a steady rhythm going now – well, yeah, in a fashion!

I thought about those bloody nuts, and battled onward. I must get my 1 stone badge on Monday otherwise I’m going to ‘thqueem and thqueem and thqueem until I’m sick’!

Anyhoo, did it, Week 8 – check!! Didn’t run as far as I had on Wednesday but hey ho, not bothered. Onward to graduation :D !

Oh, and then, still working those nuts off, had an 8 mile bike ride! Be gone you pesky nuts…xx

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Wow well done you :D on the run AND the bike ride. Aint no stopping you :D I think it's safe to say those nuts are well and truly gone ;) onwards to Graduation :D


yay! Brilliant, well done you :)


Good work A New Me..😊

Your graduation week next... Onwards and upwards...

Hope you get your 1 stone badge you deserve it. xxx


Goodbye W8 hello W9 - pleased the cheerleading pompoms helped!

Remember, nuts are full of good fats and runners need good fats. If you don't get your stone badge, it'll only be because of all the muscle you're building!


You've done brilliantly...and well done for pushing through. Be proud...welcome week 9! Good luck, go forth and graduate 👨‍🎓


At least it was nuts and not something worse! On to week 9 now, you probably deserve them!!


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