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Week 7 run 3 - squirrels and birds


I really do prefer running in daylight. Not only can I avoid the puddles but I get to got to the park and see the wildlife.

It was very drizzly this morning so I more or less had the place to myself. Had two squirrels fling themselves across my path, and a very small bird (a tit, I think) flew right in front of my face...a bit startling but amazing a wild thing should get so close.

Only problem with the route is that the last five minutes are uphill, which means Laura just gets a hollow laugh when she encourages me to pick up pace on the last minute.

Google maps says the entire distance i travelled today is 5.1k, too...so I'm very chuffed about that. Ok I'm walking for 15 minutes (I walk for an extra five at the start, because I'm just not warmed up enough otherwise) and I can't see me running the whole way anytime soon, but I can see me doing it eventually. Can't believe I just typed that...amazing how this program gives you faith in yourself😀

On to week eight...happy running everyone!

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Well done. It's true what you say that you can hardly believe that you are saying to yourself "I'm going to increase my time and or distance" !

I've recently moved and live at top of hill and canal / lake route is obviously at the bottom. I used to avoid any inclines like the plague. Started out struggling to get half way up hill am now 7/8 up and hope to conquer it tomorrow ! I have to pinch myself !!

As you say happy running ! months ago I would have said "Happy running ? your having a laugh aren't you. surely there is no such thing !"

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I know..I can't really believe it's me thinking/typing/saying it. But running is actually making me happy. I feel fitter, I'm regularly getting fresh air, I have something to look forward to every week - there's getting in the shower after the run....and then remembering the run. The running itself, well, I'm calling that work in progress😉


It's funny how we always have the energy for a hollow laugh (or some rude words)!

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