Week 4 done! (Mostly)

Had to go out for an early run as the wee one still isnt well and im taking a day off to keep her home and monitor the fever so had to run before my husband left for work.

I actually like running when its cold and frosty, learning new things about myself every day.

Had a few technical hitches today, my mobile kept starting and stopping my workout recording which plays audio prompts over my headphones. Thats why i say i only mostly completed week 4, i managed to miss starting the second 3 minute run so im not sure how much of that one i completed.

Anyways, completed my loop in the fastest time i have so far, no dodgy dogs or wobbly legs. On to week 5, should be an interesting one

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  • Sounds like a good run in the crisp early morning. Hope your daughter is better soon.

  • Thanks. Just back from the out of hours gp with her for the second time this week. Last time they told us it's viral. This ti.e its a double ear infection and tonsillitis.

    She has antibiotics now so hopefully will feel better soon

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