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Moving on up... what's next?

I've been on holiday this week, was pounding the lanes of Kent for 5K on Wednesday, but then this morning I decided to get out there early and back to the lovely canal for a run....

Rather than my usual lengthened Stepping Stone podcast though, I decided to up my game and go for Stamina on the grounds that it was a flat route. So off I went, Laura in one ear, Endomondo whispering in the other every 500m. Set off a little fast, so slowed things a little, but I was determined to try and keep the BPM going. and, by gum, I did.... It's a bit startling when you realise that you're keeping going at 160bpm and feeling, if not comfortable, then at least not in distress, when actually that's the fast burst you normally do at the end.... 5K done, I carried on to the end of the podcast and the tracker showed 5.19km in 34:40 - and a new best 5K time of 33:24.

When I graduated, I couldn't do 5K non stop, and my typical pace was around 7:15-7:30/km. Now, I'm regularly covering 5K, and typical pace is more like 6:40-7:00/km. Just under a year ago, I was looking at the Couch to 5K podcasts I'd downloaded onto my iPod, and wondering if I would ever do anything about it.

It's time to take the next step. Bridge to 10K, here I come.....

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Absolutely do 5k to 10k! You have progressed really well in pace so now start increasing distance. Take the longer runs at a slower pace to get the mileage. You will be there before you know it.


Great run AlbertRoss😊

Good luck....


Excellent progress and a great run. Well done!


That's really brilliant well done.


Good for you! 🤗 Bear in mind that 5k non-stop, at a pace is hard! Because it's short you have to pack everything into a small window. 10k is actually easier as you have twice the space to fit it in. Warm up walk, slow start, finding your run rhythm, getting into your stride, easing back for the cool fine. You're gorgeous no to love it

Bridge to 10k is great fun and really satisfying as you begin to go further a bit more each week. Still progressing slowly over the coming weeks. You will need to do some fitness stuff as well to be better able to cope with the increased amount of time in your feet, and more upper body work required for 10k journey. Swim, cycle, walk, gym or home strengthening exercises. I used dvd's 🙂

Good luck 🙂


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