My first post: Wk6R1 Done! Great forum!

Hi Guys, My first posting here, having recently joined the forum. Thank you all for some great motivational advice and tips - it really has helped especially when gearing up mentally for Wk5R3! I am amazed that I managed that. Apart from trying to walk as much as possible, have not exercised since my school days, and close to approaching half a century in a year or two thought I needed to do something to improve fitness and move away from a sedentary lifestyle. Have lots of issues re lack of confidence so have taken my time doing the runs (and having to take a break for ankle sprain and knee pain), repeating a few just to be sure I was capable before moving on.

When I think back to how much I struggled with running for 1 min, how ashamed I felt running in the local park huffing and puffing, feeling like the world was laughing at me, watching other experienced and fitter runners glide past me, I really did not think I would get this far. I now feel so much fitter in my general health and, despite the warnings that Wk6 might feel a bit harder than the Wk5R3, I completed R1 yesterday morning and didn't feel too bad! Yes, it did somehow feel like more hard work but maybe this is where endurance is built.

Am looking forward to Wk6R2 tomorrow; half the battle at the moment is summoning up the courage to go out in the cold!

Anyway, I wanted to thank you all for all the great posts on this forum. It really helps and encouraged me to write my first post too!


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20 Replies

  • It's a very good community here and some of us struggle with confidence too so you're never alone good luck and keep posting :)

  • Thank you - I will!

  • Welldone you😀😀🌟on your run & such a lovely post😊For me this programme &posts work😊 Im just like you never ran in my life & confidence low to be seen out there running!! But at 59 im out there!! Completed c25k & so so chuffed as will you be🌟Buti still need everyone here to keep me going as thats what motivates me to keep on🏃🏃🏃u go go go... and enjoy ! Keep us posted & most of all give yourself a huge pat on the back be proud of your fantastic achievement 😊👍Phyllis x

  • Hi Phyliis! Thank you for such an inspiring and encouraging reply! Well done to you on graduating and lots of respect for your achievement! Fx

  • Well done for getting out there in the cold ! I found my first run in chilled air a bit of a shock after the summertime running. I must admit I was a closet runner in that I didn't tell anyone that I was running until I was confident I could do the continuous running.

    I couldn't face the shame of telling everyone I was running then for some reason abandon it and find some lame excuse to for giving up. Now I've gone form 'Closet' runner to "Smug old git' runner.

    The best advice that works for me is to ensure I put in the time and not worry about the speed and distance. Now doing 40 minutes and 6K plus to build stamina . Started C25K about March/April as most couldn't run for a bus. Running now a good habit with great fitness and physical and mental well being.

    I find that when I drop down to 5K it is easier and can work on my speed although I have found that speed increases without really trying. I don't think I could have increased my speed without putting in the extra stamina time.

    I've also if you like built in a buffer so that I can mostly never have a bad run. I say to myself "When I started out I intended to run for 30 minutes. Anything more is a bonus".

    Yes I do like a challenge and like to at least be on a par with my last run but I've put myself in a position where mostly I never have a bad run. You'll find as you read the posts it is mainly a question of mind over matter and what is described as those pesky "Gremlins".

    The main thing is to be happy.

  • Hi joepublic - thanks for the advice and for sharing your C25K story - it really helps relative newbies like me to feel a bit better for feeling so cautious and worried about not being able to complete a run or reach final week. Confidence can be so debilitating and you are so right about half the battle being about the mental challenge rather than the physical. Also great to hear some excellent tips on how to beat the Gremlins and stay positive!

    And running 6K for 40min - wow! Awe inspiring! That is excellent and something for me to aspire to post the 30min run.

    Thank you - your post has helped a lot!

  • Great post! Well done for getting out there and yes, this forum is an incredibly supportive place.🙂 I have been visiting for quite some time, graduating just over a year ago, and I never cease to be inspired and moved by so many of the posts on here. I returned to running for similar reasons to you. I was approaching 50 and wanted to be a fitter, healthier mum to my boys. I did not anticipate the massive impact that running would have on my life and in particular my anxiety and self-esteem. I had to take almost 3 mths out with injury last spring/summer but returned even more determined that ever to complete the programme! A couple of weeks ago I took part in the Great South Run in Portsmouth (10miles) and have now entered for a HM next year. I still cannot quite believe the changes I have seen in my own fitness levels, so do keep posting and believing in your ability to do this. This programme really does change lives! Good luck🏃🏻🙂

  • Wow Sandraj39 - running for 10miles and as part of the GSR! Congratulations! You must still be on a high from completing that! How did you feel afterwards? How did you train for it? Your family must be so proud and I am grateful for your reply and the inspiration it provides. Hope you treated yourself to something lovely! The fact that you experienced an injury during the programme and still returned to complete it says a lot about your personal determination and hope it will encourage others who feel defeated by injuries - especially in the beginning - to return to the programme.

    Like you say, before embarking on the programme, it's hard to imagine that the changes we experience in fitness and mental well-being (esp confidence for me) are possible. I am reading so many posts from people who started this programme in their 40's, 50's and 60's with a variety of differing fitness levels, all of whom have spoken so positively about the programme, even when there have been occassional setbacks.

    So a huge thank you for such an inspiring reply - I seem to be using that word a lot!

  • Couldn't have done it without C25K and this forum! As for training, I just built up steadily. Consolidated 5k first, then built up to 10k and then when I had consolidated this, built up to the 16k. I took my time! Yes, the day was very special, and such a great atmosphere. I entered it with my sister, who is a keen runner and I also covered the distance a few times prior to race day, just so I knew I could do it! I was buzzing afterwards and recovered well, hence the slightly rash decision that next would be a HM! 😮 Several other C25kers also ran it, although I sadly didn't make it to the meet up due to bad timing! Like you, it has given my confidence a much needed boost (I struggle with this too) and my family all say I am a much happier person when I run! 🙂. Hope you carry on enjoying it - it is a great journey!

  • Wow again! That says a lot about personal determination and motivation! I am in no doubt that you will complete the HM next year and do so comfortably! Have you written about your journey, like on a blog somewhere so that others (like me) can benefit and set ourselves similar goals?

    How much running do you do now, on a weekly basis?

    Sorry for all the questions!

    Well done again - awesome! Fx

  • No blog, but if you ever want to read anyone's past posts/replies just click on their username and it will take you to their profile and previous posts! As for running, I still aim for three runs a week. Two shorter and one longer run at the weekend. I plan to try and keep some of the endurance up over the winter by doing a 13-16k every three weeks or so and then start to increase distance again in the new year. This is the plan but we will see! I ran today for the first time since Tuesday, as I had managed to trip up in the dark and jarred my hip! All settled now luckily. Also, as runs get longer it is also important to work on some core strength and flexibility exercises. I had a few hip niggles earlier in the summer and had to build in time for this which really helped. Something else to bare in mind!

  • Thank you for that - and your detailed replies. All I can say again is how inspirational your running story is and continues to be. I hope the run today was comfortable with no pain in the hip! That sounds like a very professional training plan and one that looks set to prepare you well for the HM! As I also have hip and knee niggles, it's sound advice to work on further exercises to build up core strength and maintain flexibility, so thank you again for all your advice. It really does help a lot! Fx

  • Well done.

    I completed W5R3 this morning and can't wait for next week now, although I was pleased when I finished today's run!

  • Well done to you too Midspur! How did you find it? Wasn't too bad I hope! The sense of achievement finishing Wk5R3 is something to be proud of and hopefully makes reaching the goal of 30min running feel realistic and achieveable - especially with so many amazing stories of success on this forum!

    I just finished Wk6R2 and it was hard but feel I'm ready for the scheduled 25min run for Wk3.

    Keep going and I look forward to hearing how Wk6 is for you! Good luck!

  • Well done you! Great news! If I can go out in the cold, anyone can! If you feel the cold, when it's about 2 degrees or less, try wearing a little hat and a pair of light gloves. To be honest, you soon warm up, so probably don't want to wear too many layers if you have to start taking them all off and tying them around your waist. However, I think it's a case of working out what is best for you. Enjoy your running!

  • Hi Flossie22! Thanks for the cold running tips! You are right - within a few minutes of running I soon heat up and end up 'de-layering' at some point but that's OK. I've got a warmer running top, bottoms and lightweight wool running layers to wear for when the temperatures dip a bit more so am definitely not going to let the cold halt my progress! Also a good supply of tissues - my nose seems to start running too when I'm mid-run and was the same in the summer! Adds a little something extra to the morning run!

    Thank you for your reply!

  • Same as you I started when I was approaching 50. The progress you have made is brilliant . Well done . I remember the first week and how hard it was. Go for it . Graduation is just around the corner .

  • Thank you cath14210! And well done to you on graduating from the programme! How have you been getting on since completing C25K?

  • It's been nearly a year since I graduated . I run twice a week . I find it difficult to fit in three because of other activities . I swim too and do some weights for core strength . I am faster than I was a year ago but that's not saying much because I was very slow . Physically I have never been fitter. I don't weigh less but I am leaner and I feel great . Most of the aches and pains I had at the beginning of the programme have gone. I have found that strong support socks for my weak ankles have made all the difference . Mostly I just enjoy being out there.

  • That all sounds excellent and ties in with everything else I am reading - the importance of also doing other exercises to build and maintain core strength. Speed to relative and for me is way down on my list of priorties right now but it's good to know that the aches and pains dissipate and that support socks are recommended! Also, a bit comforting to know that weight is not necessarily dropping for everyone (me included) even as fitness clearly increases.

    Inspiring to hear of your progress post-graduation! Thank you for your feedback!

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