So......week six is a bit horrible!

Week 6 run 2 done tonight. Really hard. Pleased I completed it, but why on earth is two lots of ten minutes harder than one lot of twenty?! The God of Running is definitely related to Puck or some other mischievous sprite...Bleurgh.... Can't really describe how I felt doing that run....pulverised comes closest..

Hope run 3 is better because this week's runs are beginning to remind me of school cross country (except those showers were cold and communal, and there was no glass of wine and dinner cooked for me by my beloved when I finished in those days...just double maths in the portacabins!)🛀 🍝🍷😄

Good luck to everyone, especially others on wk 6!


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16 Replies

  • I know - it doesn't make sense but hand in there because you improve quite quickly from w6 onwards.

  • Thanks - I intend to keep going no matter what. But blinkin eck last night was hard. Curiously, though, I am less stiff today than I've been after some of my other

  • You completed it, so congratulate yourself and remind yourself how far you have come in just a few short weeks. In the same length of time you will look back and wonder why it seemed so difficult.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • You're completely right, of course. When I look back at week 1 and how completely shattered I was after that first go (and how nearly I didn't finish it), I am completely astonished at how much progress I've made in so few weeks. I hope that in three and a bit(?) weeks time I will be looking back at this and smiling at my today self!

  • Week 6 was terrible for me apart from run 3, not sure why that is !! The longer run allows you to get into a rhythm of sorts .... Keep plugging away

  • Thanks for your reply!

    I suspect you're right and it could be the stopping/starting that's causing the problem - on the 20 minute run I did (I still love typing that!), I sort of "settled" into it - it was really tiring, but I didn't have that whole desperately wanting to stop feeling all the way round, somehow - I felt I could probably have done another minute at the end, and in fact did a little bit of a "sprint" finish - I was going downhill, though. Now that might have been excitement helping me, but I really did feel OK.

    But last night, when Laura said I could go faster if I wanted I could have laughed (no breath to do that though!) - I was simply hoping to keep moving til the end at that point.

  • I completed week 6 run 2 on Wednesday and felt exactly the same. I wasn't sure if it was the transfer from outside running to the treadmill (live too rural to run in the dark) but it was definitely a struggle. Good luck for run 3, hopefully its a lot better for both of us.

  • Thanks - I've decided it is Going. To. Be. Fine.

    That plan may need to change when introduced to reality, but I'm hopeful that the longer run will mean I can get into a steady pace and just maintain it. I don't think the stopping/starting agrees with me (and I think I probably go too fast because at the back of my mind I know I'm going to slow to a walk half way through. Or something)

    Good luck to you for Run 3, too !

  • I feel quite similiarly. Ive been outside after weeks 1 and 2 on treadmill, was nervous about going outside back then but loved it. I feel I get more hot and sweaty on the treadmill!! However got W6 R1 done.

  • Good luck Raven! We are off on Run 3 now! Will let you know how we get on :)

  • Good Luck - you're probably back now, but I've got to get back to work! I'll look out for your post later!

  • I think you get used to running for the full time, then the change of pace half way through makes it tough. You heart and mucles (in my opinion) don't like the change of pace, and your brain kids itself into thinking you are done. For me I find it really hard to get going again after walking for a bit, I can't get how people can do long events walking and running. I'd much rather keep running but at a much slower pace.

    On the plus side, you are now at the stage in the programme where walking breaks finish. Just full running sessions from now. What I found a really enjoyable part of the programme.

    Not far now to graduation. Good Luck and well done on getting this far!

  • Thank you !

    Yes - I think the running/walking thing isn't really helping me anymore. I'm sure I go too fast to start off with when I know I'll be having a "rest" halfway through.

    Run 3 tomorrow, so I'll post on how I get on.

  • I'm due to do week 6 run 1 tonight. Tbh i've been making excuses for a couple of nights as to why it's not a good night! I was surprised at being able to run the 20mins on wk5 r3 and felt so chuffed and motivated but I think reading how others have found this week has knocked me a bit. In saying that I know I have dreaded other weeks so I'll just have to believe in myself and what the hell if I can't manage it, I can try again!

  • Don't let me put you off! So lots of people do struggle with this week - but lots and lots of them have the shiny graduate badge now ... And that will be us, too - we just have to grin and bear it and keep going*... I'm reliably informed that things do get easier .....

    (*Oh and come on here for a quick whinge when it makes our legs hurt!)

  • I did my Week 6 run 1 yesterday and found it harder than the 20 min Week 5 run too. Lungs burning and legs like lead. Never really found a rhythm. Managed it all though so going out Tuesday for run 2 and hoping for better things.

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