My runniversary _ and a bit

Ok my runniversary was actually 9 th September, sorry I am late. I have become lazy finding time on the couch to write and actually I confess not accessing the site as often as I used to. Nonetheless I thought I would post something today. I am just getting my breath back from a really lovely hour long run. In autumn sunshine, perfect weather and new running clobber. Fab

So what can I tell you guys just starting on this journey. Well it's changed my life, I am so much fitter, thinner happier healthier. I don't just run anymore, I do lots of sports and really enjoy myself. I eat more then ever but I am thinner. Even pranced in a bikini this summer.

To those of you that constantly support people on this site , you are incredible poppy dog useitorlooseit and oh so many more. Those who were on the journey with me too not soslowrob Andy d and others. Thank you. Couldn't have done it without you

Happy running folk

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  • hi Julie :D great to see you are still out there doing it :D and some by the sound of it , a very happy runniversary and many more to come, well done on a great year :D

  • Hey slow rob , must be your runniversary too. Congratulations, it's great to see you off the injury couch and back running again. Enjoy

  • Thanks Julie :) it is great to back running and enjoying every second of it :)

  • Happy Runnerversay. What a lovely upbeat post. I love the fact that after graduation this program can take us so many different directions. Happy running and everything else.

  • Real foodie club - how did I forget to single you out. Thank you for the quests and all the graduation work you do. We all owe you a debt of gratitude. Thank you

  • Happy Runniversary Juliejam !

    Oh isnt this weather absolutely perfect for running ? I just love the gorgeous colours , the nip in the air and that lovely sound the fallen leaves make when youre running through them, its just flippin magic !

    Great to hear youre still out there and enjoying it and long may it continue !

    Good to hear from you again ! :-) xxx

  • Poppy dog - I knew you post a reply. You always do.

    It sure was fab running yesterday, I went further than normal, just didn't want to get back. Who would I have thought I struggled with running for 60 seconds last year. Yesterday was 60 mins no problem. I was going to say no sweat. , but that wasn't true !!!!!

  • Yay ! 60 minutes is fantastic , Well done ! :-) xxx

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