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Week 6 Run 3 - "You can now call yourself a runner"

- thanks for that Laura!

Back to the canal, and crikey that last five minutes was hard... no bridge shenanigans this time, and by the end of it I wasn't entirely sure that my legs were actually mine - they felt sort of distant, not numb exactly, just as if they weren't quite in the same place as the rest of my body. The good is that now, after a few minutes of recovery, I'm feeling wonderful!

[Edit: tried adding a piccy, it didn't work!]

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Well done, now you can bask in the glory of being told you're a runner - graduation is in sight!


Well done. I'm sure your legs will come back to you ! Make sure you get a photo for your graduation. I've moved home and miss my canal. I will in future find a route to take in a canal near me.

More canals than Venice in Birmingham did you know ? There may be more lakes ? I have 2 to choose from.


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