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I'm new here but never thought I ever would

Up until July this year I used to be a keen runner and cyclist until open heart surgery completely changed my life. I would never have imagined that its possible to get so unfit so quickly. Cardiac rehab is now finished for me and the Physio intimated that I should be happy with what I have, but I still struggle to run (v. slow) for a minute. This isn't a whinge but I must admit I did feel sorry for myself one day last week.

C25K started for me yesterday and my aim is to beat my slowest ever parkrun time.

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You go for it.. you slam that Park run slow record!!! :)

Absolutely brilliant.. well done you... so... if those that know say it is fine.. then welcome to this , the best thing ever!

Luckily... the mantra on here is slow and steady..think snail on a go slow :)

It is totally the only way to do this...follow this step by step.. take your rest days in between your runs and more if needed. You will get come great advice and support from the folk on here too.

You are entitled to feel sorry for yourself... and.. having done that.. look, here you are. :)

Welcome....keep posting and we will follow your progress, and remember, ( one of my favourite quotes) , as Confucius said,

"It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop

." He knew what he was talking about! :)


Thanks, you're right, slow is the way to go - I have little choice anyway ;) I will update on my progress weekly.

...and one of my favourite quotes is "no problem's insurmountable" (Ned Kelly)


Hi, and welcome! I can understand why you had a whinge last week - I saw my very active six-year-old's frustration at not being able to take off again immediately and run around like before his open heart surgery, and I'm guessing that it's even tougher for adults, who have to refuse themselves the temptation of overdoing things. ;) I bet you're looking forward to getting back to sport. Take it easy, take it slow, and go for it - my pompoms are ready for a cheerleading session with OldFloss and the girls.


Seeing a 6 year old go through OHS must have been tough.

I had big plans before the surgery and read the book 'Cold' by Ranulph Fiennes during my stay which motivated me a bit too much on my discharge from Papworth Hospital.

R.F. had open heart surgery in his 60's then went on to run 7 marathons, I'm only 53 so I thought recovery cant be that hard.


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Welcome. That is a great goal to have and I'm sure you will succeed. It's great that you've been cleared to get back in the game - you'll be in great form in no time at all I'm sure.


Thanks - I hope to see a measurable improvement over the coming weeks.


Hi there, and welcome, well I'm a 'normal' 53 year old (just no history of exercise) and it took me over a year to complete the programme, so don't be too hard on yourself.

The significant trauma your whole body has been through should not be underestimated. I used to work at Papland, (many years ago) in the Infamous Treacle Unit (ITU) amazing place, that does amazing things.....

I reiterate the slow and steady mantra, worked for me 😄, good luck on your continued path to fitness.



July is only a few short months ago. You probably need to think long term and I'm sure with your positive attitude you will get back to some semblance of fitness, even if you don't achieve the heights you were used to before the operation. Build up slow and steady, think where you will be in July next year!


Hi, sounds like you've been through a tough time!

Just follow the programme gently and I'm sure you'll build up some measure of fitness quite soon. Try to celebrate what you can do even if it's going to take a while to get back to past glories.

You can do this and we'll be cheering you on!


Pleased to report W2R1 completed


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