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Shin splint - how long should I stop running for to rest it?

I have developed a shin splint. I have just finished my 3rd week of B210k and now have not ran for a week, pain had evolved so badly I needed to take anti inflammatories for night pain; I am stretching my calf and know I can use ice as well. So frustrating!!! Should I rest until pain is completely gone and risk losing my fitness or should I run through it and just deal with the consequences?

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I would rest. I had two weeks off when mine got bad. You are doing yourself a lot of damage. I would highly recommend a sport physio therapist if you can find a good one locally. Invaluable.


It is a right pain, I know and empathise with you.

I would rest a few days, keep taking low dose ibuprofen and icing regularly. Put your feet up and use compression socks/tubigrip bandage if you can. (RICE - Rest Ice Compression Elevation). When you do start running again make sure you ice as soon as you get home, feet up.

I had this about the same time and had all the same worries, but about 4 days of rest and keeping icing when I started again and I was okay. Now I am about to start W7 :)

Good luck, and rest!


Please do not run through the pain as you risk giving yourself a stress fracture. I'm now onto week 5 of no running after doing just that and only now can I walk without too much pain. Stretch, ice, foam roller if you have one and walk until you are pain free. The NHS website has some good advice:

Hope you feel better soon :)


I went on YouTube and there was a video that showed some exercises for shin splints, it sorted mine out a treat.

Basically you hace to walk on you heels for 20 seconds then on tip toe for 20 seconds followed by 20 heel raises. Done two sets of this everyday. Worked for me, my shin splints were gone in about a week.

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Thank you to all of you who offered advice. I've rested for 2 weeks, this morning taken anti-inflammatories, short run of 20 mins (just to see), 10 mins of icing. Fingers crossed!


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