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How fast should I run?

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I have just started week 5, (yesterday) and I’m still just jogging rather than running. I’m not going at any particular speed just.....jogging. My fitness is improving but should I be properly running now? (If that makes sense) I don’t want to be out of puff and not be able to do the next run after the walk. 🏃‍♀️

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Your doing just fine. Keep on jogging. Keep at your current pace for the remainder of the C25K plan. You should be able to comfortably have a conversation at your jogging pace. You will have plenty of time to start working on increasing pace once your finished. Well done on your success so far.


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Hey Damien

Thanks for the advice, I run solo but do have the odd little singalong to my music.

Will look at going faster after my first couple of ParkRuns

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Sounds like your mindset is perfect right now... you’re running, you’re not out of puff... that’s how this plan is designed to be run.

Speed work comes weeks/months after this plan, and only if you want it to. If you go down that route then it should remain the occasional way to run.

There’s no too slow, but it’s too fast if you’re struggling for breath. Great job so far, carry on just like that. Happy running.

Thank you for your advice - hopefully come the summer I’ll be able to do ParkRuns and enjoy them. I’m not struggling for breath - a little breathless towards the end but not all out of puff. Looking forward to making progress

Just carry on as you are. Get to the end of the programme and then work on speed or distance (or juggling whilst jogging) :)

Juggling whilst jogging - now that’s a trick 😄

I graduated last year and am still jogging. The important part is that 16 months on, whilst I'm not jogging weekly, I am doing 5k regularly. Keeping it going is the important bit rather than speed and then you can build on this if you so choose.

Ah really, that makes me not feel so bad about just jogging. I’m hoping to make this a lifestyle change so come 12 months time I’ll still be gin g and doing regular ParkRuns too 🏃‍♀️

I'm just jogging too. But the other day when I was walking back, it came on to rain and boy did I sprint for cover! I couldn't believe how fast I was moving and how I could keep going. I believe it's called jeffing. You might well be developing the same capacity, all unknown.

As the guide to the plan states you need to be able to speak aloud clear ungasping sentences as you run.

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