Just did my second park run in 35 minutes 😀

Well this morning was cold - but really good weather to do a nice run. Lots of people today. Always good to see how many and lots of ages going together running. The young ones make it look so easy.

I really wanted to get my time down and am so please to have got to less than 36 minutes. My best 1k was in 6:38 which I'm impressed with, don't know when I did that must of been on a downhill.

I can't quite get it right with the downhills, feel I have my brakes on. Should I stride out. Mohave no idea.

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  • Hey, AP! Well done! Can't wait 'til I can post a time like that! :-D I tend to take it easy down hill too trying to recover from the uphill! I guess it'll all fall in to place as we progress :-) Good luck for the week ahead :-)

  • It's a lovely course not too much of the uphill but more down. Feel I could get a few seconds more if I stretch out a tad. I have Monday's run planned hope to take a photo of the church for all to see.

  • Snap! I just did my second run this morning too. Like you, not too sure about the downhill bits - tried making up time on my first run, but this time tried to recover more. What a complicated life we lead.

  • Well done John - I'm setting myself small goals and today was just to get a PB I knew I'd run my first one a bit slower. I hope you enjoyed your park run.

  • That's a great time! Well done. I was at parkrun too this morning. I was 7 seconds off my PB but I'll console myself with the fact that I've had a heavy running week and also started right at the back of the field so spent the first two km moving through.

    I've no idea how to run faster downhill, though I do rather a lot of ups and downs because of where I live. It rather depends on how steep the hill is. If anything, I tend to shorten my step downhill. That makes me feel more in control and less likely to trip. Because of that, I find I can push just that little bit harder.

    You know we'll all be expecting a better time from you next week though, don't you. Setting a PB just means that you've got a new one to break ;) You've done well.

  • I know that this next park run will be a bit of a test for me. It would be nice to get another PB. I knew I'd pushed myself. My legs hurt now. Well done with your park run today.

  • good time AP :D uphill and downhill are always difficult , it will come with time and experience

  • Ok then I shall take my time on find out how to achieve the best from a downhill. Don't like too much of the uphills I try to avoid them.

  • uphill is really good for us :D I like the challenge now :)

  • I think the tip for running fast downhill is "try and pretend you're not scared of falling over".

  • I can do a lot of falling - it's just that you feel if you run slower it's like you have brakes on and that can't be good for your legs. I think it is a practice and watch what the others do.

  • Well done - yes, it was rather nippy wasn't it. Back on with the gloves this morning! My next target is 36 - was rather slower than that this morning - but I'm not fussed - it was hard work in the wind.

  • Luckily ours is out of the wind - around a lake and in trees mostly. It's a old trains one. I did say that I was glad of the cold this morning but on reflection I think I would like it a little bit warmer. Well done on your run. There is no real need to go fast I'm just mentally giving myself a challenge. Enjoy it I say, and I did this morning.

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