Week 1 Rerun

The post i created last friday was about how I felt the stitches and was not ready to move onto week 2. I have taken a 3 days gap since which can be a fine line between quitting and just carrying on.

My mind was telling me, why not skip this week too and restart from monday. Somewhere deep inside me my voice was telling me, I would just be wasting the time and effort i made running those other three days. I also had that urge to have that great feeling after running. So I set out on my rerun and I really surprised myself because i breezed through it. I have taken on board the advice i had received from here such as, running on the stitch side, sipping on water, waiting half an hour after I have eaten something! Now I can finally say i am ready for week 2! I just need to take my time with this, i will eventually get there and enjoy my runs more!


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  • I used to get stitches early on too - horrible things. I found that having a glass of water (not too much or you'll be back in the house before you know it!) and something light to eat (energy bar for me) about 15-20 minutes before I head out has helped... if I feel a stitch coming on then I try to breath in hard through the nose and out through the mouth (big deep breaths) and slow it down until it subsides...

    So far so good! Good luck! I won't say it gets easier but your body will learn to adapt to the training...

    Just think about all the good you're doing for yourself with every step (whether it's running or walking). You're out there and you're doing it! Well done..

  • Yeah my stitches hasn't shown up today as much as they did last week. I did exactly as what you have done with the drinking and eating so it has worked for me too!

    Yeah I have seen posts under week 6 and I do see the struggle!

  • Yep Pikaree you can enjoy this running lark. I'm so pleased you had a breezer today. It gives you a boost for the next run.

    Keep up the good work! I'm making my own energy bars today!!! Fabbo they are too. You can only eat one though on a running day as a special treat. LOL

  • What kind of energy bars ? Sounds interesting

  • Well done on your repeat of the W1 run. I don't think you need to repeat the whole week now - you sound ready to move on to week 2. Take it slow and steady, no pressure and try to just enjoy it. Good luck for your start of the second week of the programme and best wishes.

  • Thank you very much! Yes definitely ready to go forward on Wednesday and do the same with taking my time :)

  • Thank you much! Yes I did surprise myself today when I breezed through it so I am definitely ready! Yeah, walking out of that door seems to get easier although that challenge is still there

  • I was like you over 3 years ago, in fact 4 years in August. I stepped out of the door and on my return I thought 'never again, that nearly killed me' But hey, I'm stubborn and would not let something beat me quite so soon. I took 2 days off before I tried the 3rd run of week 1 and like you found it (almost) easy. I also found 1st runs of the early weeks quite hard, 2nd runs were doable, 2 days off 3rd runs easy peasy :) If running is something you haven't done since school days then its not going to be like a stroll in the park but if you stick at it, it will get easier, then the day will come when you announce to this group "I'm hooked big time" ;) Good luck and stay in touch there is plenty of help and encouragement to be found on here, we have all be there done that and many hundreds of us got the Graduate badge to prove it. :)

  • That is very inspirational! I never liked running in school simply because my mind was overtaking everything and I didn't feel comfortable. I will take on board that when it becomes a challenge and definitely take my time rather than jumping straight to the next week without feeling ready :)

  • I make WW energy bars. You have to limit yourself to just one as they are so moreish. Healthy though but packed with calories from fruits, nuts, oats, honey etc I wrap them individually and free them to keep me from scoffing too many

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