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c25k app...stuck on week 6 between days 2 and 3 :/

So.. I have no problems anymore really with running 10 minutes, walking 3, then running another 10. That's easily done anymore. Why? Because I've done that same run about 4 times now with a few attempts at day 3 and failing. Day 3 is running 25 minutes straight. I blame it mostly on boredom at the treadmill. I run and run, feeling good, and a boring lame song comes on on my Pandora app. So I lose the 'grove' I'm in, having to keep running but pressing buttons on my screen to change the music. And then I get bored. Wanting this run to just end so I can lift weights or do something else. And then I get way exhausted and tired and just wanting to stop. Why is that???

I wouldn't mind running outside, I'm sure that'll solve my boredom problem but its so much harder running outside than on the treadmill. I started the c25k program on the treadmill, I'd like to finish on the treadmill and then possibly start running outside when spring comes. Until then........I'm stuck on the treadmill. Makes me wonder if anyone else who is doing this on the treadmill have the same problem?

I just got done downloading music to my iphone, so I know whats on there and don't have to worry about a slow song coming on since I have more control over that now. I did day 2 yesterday for the 4th time, today is the rest day, and I'll probably attempt day 3 tomorrow. I'm still going to the gym today though to do anything else but treadmill. Ugh.

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Are you listening to Laura? or a different podcast. Although the c25k music isn't to my tast is is the right speed and keeps you going with Laura having words of encouragment.

I've never run on a treadmill so just the thought makes me a little scared but is running outside really much harder? perhaps give it a try the change of scenery may help


Ar you tryig to run too fast? A light jog is all that is needed. I don't particularly like the music on Laura's podcasts - but I wouldn't faff around changing it - it's only half an hour after all.


Keep on trying, you'll get there. I did Week 6 run 3 this morning and to be honest if it wasn't for Laura's perfectly timed words of encouragement I would have given up by 15 minutes. I've never run on a treadmill so I don't know how much easier it is than running outside, but are you sure it is harder? The mental bits are just as hard, if not harder, to push through than the physical bits!

Best of luck with your 25 minutes, after doing so many sets of 10 minute runs I feel sure you can do it if you just tell yourself that you can :)


I always find running on a treadmill harder. In fact I typically run about half a kilometre more in the same time and with greater ease when I'm outside. I think that when I'm outside I can feel the progress I am making whereas inside on a treadmill you don't go anywhere and run looking at the same wall etc.


You've done w5r3 -20 min non-stop ...why don't you try that again ...and when you get to the end see if you can persuade yourself to "just one more minute" several times. Is there a carrot you can dangle infront of yourself? Good luck least you're running.


Thanks everyone :) I dont use the podcast, I use the c25k App on my iphone with the Zombie as the speaker. He cracks me up. I'm going to find a good path thats not like a rollercoaster like my neighborhood is and give running a try outside for once XD I just had to make sure it wasnt just me thats feeling like that. Thanks everyone!


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