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apologies for the fact that all has gone quiet. Got back from Aviemore on Friday, was averaging 15-20K steps a day hillwalking or generally walking around the beautiful lochs and forests so felt quite delighted I was exercising. I had attempted W6 R1 as you may have previously read but found it hard going on the undulating tracks - missed my flat tarmac!

I really felt a change in my fitness, which was so encouraging. Hills that I had puffed up last time felt so much easier this time. Kind of pleased with that!

I now have some kind of gastric flu-bug, quite unpleasant, utterly washed out, and putting one foot in front the other to shuffle in the house is taking it out of me so I doubt I will be running this week!

It looks like C25K is going to take me to Christmas seeing as one week takes me 1.5 to 2 weeks to complete, however.....slow and steady wins the race.....

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Feel better soon... I took longer too, last year, as ice and snow delayed me somewhat :)

I graduated the week before Christmas..it was the best present! You will get there, and when you feel a bit more up to par...plan those routes.. and what you are hoping for as a graduation treat! :)x


Hope you feel better soon. And, yes, slow and steady does win the race.

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I hope you'll be back to your normal self soon, but it's great that you have noticed a real change in your fitness levels. That should stand you in good stead as you recover, but do take it easy :)

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Sorry to hear about the gastric bug. That's horrible. Hope you feel better soon.

But well done on all that walking on your holidays. The Aviemore area is fab - so much to do in the Great Outdoors, but so much space that even though there are thousands of others enjoying it you don't feel aware of that at all.

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Hey you. Doesn't matter how long it takes. You have made so much progress just being in a different environment! Sorry to hear you're poorly and it's slowed you down, BUT that;s all it's done. You've got this: take the time you need to recover and then get back to it. You know you want to. Looking forward to seeing your posts when you're better. Take care.


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