Week 5,Run 3 - objective completed but not happy

Week 5,Run 3 - objective completed but not happy

Sorry to have to write a post like this and wouldn't blame anyone for ignoring it or having a go at me,I did plenty of that on the walk home. Did the 20mins non stop,so you would say objective completed. Briefly felt it around 14mins but ran it off.

But slower than my best - in distance and pace. That's not me improving,it's me getting worse. It's obvious I can't do this. Thought running my anxieties off would work and it didn't ;(


(added screenshot of what my iPod tracker told me post run)


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  • We can't improve all the time - we'd all be in the Olympics after a year. Just look at the long term trend - but you need a long term first! We all have runs where we think "where did that come from?" - in both directions, fast and slow. There are a thousand reasons why a run can be slower than the last one. So don't beat yourself up - just keep running!

  • I'm so sorry you feel like that. To go from not running at all to a solid 20min is a great thing. Most people slow down for the first solid run, it's the bodies way of protecting the joints and muscles as the distance increase which is why we don't talk about pace or speed when your learning. It is all about getting the body ready for your running journey after graduation. Sprinters are faster than marthon runners as different skills are needed for speed and distance. After graduation then you can work at distance or speed but trust me I would be surprised if you had kept your fastest pace for your first 20 min. Your doing really well.

  • Well done for running for 20 minutes. You can do this. Slower and less distance on one run is not getting worse, it's just normal to have some runs faster than others. Seeing you were aiming to run for longer it's actually a positive that you were slower, whether deliberately or by accident - keeping really slow is a good way to help with success in increasing the time you run.

    Apart from that, while it can be interesting looking at distance, pace etc (I always like to do that) it's important to keep in mind that as well as not being possible to equal PBs every time speed and covering distance aren't the only good things about running. Allow yourself to enjoy the satisfaction of having run for the longest time yet, think of what you enjoy about actually running such as any interesting things to notice on your route and just how it feels good to be out and moving! Cut yourself some slack -we all have dips - and go out to enjoy yourself!

  • Arguably those doing the C25K programme have no business measuring pace or distance (it rarely seems to result in happiness or help achieve the objective) Your task is simply to do as you are told, adopt a running motion whilst you are told to adopt a running motion, adopt a walking motion when you are told to adopt a walking motion.

    How would you have felt about this run if you had not measured pace or distance? Pretty good quite probably. This particular outing is often a big scary monster for C25Kers and you achieved it first time. You ran continuously for 20 minutes and you've not done that before in the programme (and possibly not ever or at least for quite some time). How is that not improving? Especially given that the objective of the programme is to enable you to run continuously for 30 minutes - not at a particular pace, not a particular distance.

    Are you receiving any professional support with your mental health? Your running seems pretty solid ( I'm well into my 5th year post C25K but I've just made it under 9mins/km and I think I'm a bloody marvel) but you are horrible to yourself and you don't deserve that.. and you have been around this forum for a while but think we are going to ignore you or have a go at you! Running is generally brilliant for emotional health but it isn't always enough by itself.

    Sorry if that does sound a teeny weeny bit as though I'm having a go at you... it's just that there's a very clear "I'm not very well" theme in your posts (which makes it all the more admirable that you are getting out there and keeping up with the programme)

  • I know you probably don't want to hear this but you need to forget about pace at this stage. It's natural to want to compare yourself against others but do that after you graduate. I'm not sure what your motivativation was to start running but whatever it was I'm sure you're a lot closer to it now than you were in week 1. Again it's natural to feel down after some runs, even after graduation, but it often helped me to think back to why I started on this plan in the first place. It definitely wasn't to compete in the olympics or anything grand like that.

  • I don't understand how it is slower for the distance, have you run for a full 20 mins before and that is what you are comparing? If not then it seems you should be celebrating running for the full 20 mins. And then for a full 25, 28, 30 mins as you go through the programme. Something to really celebrate.

    Following graduation, you can set further ambition, i.e. , in 30 mins I will aim to run 5 k.....or whatever you aim for. But this programme is about achieving 30 minutes solid running, not about distance and pace.

    It is really important you do not try to achieve distance, pace and time running all at the same time as you are in danger of injury or strain if you do so. The I C is not a good place to be.

  • Come on... there is no way you will be ignored, or got at. It is not what we are about. :)

    You went out, you ran. it was not what you felt it should be. Okay. it's gone..done with.. time to move on. You are so hard on yourself.. the challenges that you are making...for yourself.

    Leave the tech stuff at home...please. Just run the run, as instructed. You are doing brilliantly!

    You are!

    I have a Black dog.. sometimes a grey one... sometimes I can outrun him... most of the time, but sometimes he catches up.. mostly now, if he is getting close, I turn around and face him...:)

    On here we can be supportive and helpful but if you feel you need some more help as GoogleMe says.. then that could be helpful too.

    You are doing brilliantly... just accept it...I know I am a pain with my quotes, but what the heck..

    " You have not failed, until you stop trying... "

    So get out there again.. your next run is one run closer to the person you want to be :)


    Huge Hug x

  • Think it's best for me not to post for the foreseeable future but will keep reading in and seeing how everyone else is doing - it's an inspiration but I'm not helping by bringing the positivity down :(

  • No such thing! Keep posting, if not for you then for others out there who may also be feeling similar emotions but who haven't the courage to post themselves. Running for 20 minster straight is a big deal - and you did it! Well done. As others have said, I'd suggest leaving the tech stuff at home until the program is completed, but I also appreciate it can be addictive comparing all the stats... I'm just as bad.

    Keep running and keep posting. We want to hear from you.

  • I am new to this forum but already know that the last thing anyone wants is for you to stop posting. You are not bringing the positivity down. Everybody feels down sometimes and progress can be frustratingly slow. Then suddenly you will have a leap forward and see that longed for progress. As someone who has had depression on and off for over 30 years please go see your gp if you continuously feel down. That is what they are there for and if you had diabetes or epilepsy you would treat that without hesitation. Hope to see you on here soon. I have just started week 6 and am not finding it easy!!!!

  • Ashamedly I did do that,around five weeks ago. (I say ashamedly because I don't really think there's anything there but others around me do and I'm nowhere near a worst case scenario) - was referred for counselling but haven't heard anything more since. But did get praise for doing C25K :)

  • That's great. I have done the counselling and it can really help you to talk to someone about even the little things that are bothering you. Give it a go. They will have heard it all before and can help. The running is also a great mental and physical boost. Just remember to concentrate on what you have achieved rather than any set backs!! You're doing so well. I'm injured at the moment so you are ahead of me now. Well done. πŸ˜€πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ

  • You are not bringing the positivity down. You are actually bringing it out of people. Just read all the encouraging comments you got! It just means people care about you and want to help you. And helping others makes people feel good about themselves. So let them/us help you. It's a win win situation. 😊

  • Well done you ticked off week 5, run 3. Please don't expect to get faster and faster while on the C25K programme. Each week and every session is pushing you to a higher level and slowing down is to be expected as it makes it possible to run for longer and to avoid injury. Adjusting pace is a very important skill to have through the programme but even afterwards when your fitness fluctuates, you face different terrain such as hills, grass, uneven ground etc. The time to work on speed might be after you graduate and it will improve by itself after that. Well done

  • I don't give a monkey about my time, I'm just delighted to be out and moving and not vegetating in front of the TV

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