Tips for motivation?


I completed the programme a couple of weeks ago but with days full of other commitments I'm finding it really hard to keep running regularly and the more time passes between runs the harder it gets. Any tips for motivation to keep going? I've set myself a goal to do a park run but I need more immediate motivation! Any tips greatly appreciated👍☺️. Thank you


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  • Look at your face in the mirror and see how much more healthy you look.

    Look downwards - and remember when you could see a lot less of your feet.

    If you are like me - keep the time commitment thing in proportion. three forty minute runs a week with ten minutes on each for warm up/down walk equals less than three hours. It does not matter how far or how fast I run - as long as I run for that amount of time.

    And if you can REALLY remember why you did the programme in the first place - I think you will have found your mojo again :)

    Wishing you the very best.

  • Thank you!

  • I has a similar situation when work suddenly became hectic. I told myself only two times a week is ok. And also, that only 20 minutes running is ok. In fact if 1 only run 1 km it's fine. As you may have guessed, once you are out there, you invariably set out doing what you're aiming to do.

    Another couple of things may help...getting a running plan that schedues stuff like MyAsics so you have structure, or maybe the 10 k plan (zenlabs has an app), also scheduling a fun run, speedy one and long break up the monotony.

    All the best!

  • There aren't any qualifications needed to do a parkrun - if you don't have other commitments at that time why not do one next Saturday?

    I could very easily have slipped into doing nothing straight after graduating because of our current family situation, so I went along to a local running club to help keep me motivated - I think many are like it and have a beginners group.

    Most of all, remind yourself how good it feels to have a good run!

  • It's hard post graduation. Nothing concrete to aim for and goals you set for yourself are so much easier to sideline! The duvet seems a nicer prospect than pulling on your runners and heading out too! Until you get back from the run and realise afresh what c25k has done for you😊

    It takes a while to find the new rhythm. Don't get disappointed or down. Try and just set yourself some time and whether you run for 5 minutes or 30, just run. Pick the days you're going to run and then stick to them and like Irish-John said, look at how much you've changed in the time it's taken to get where you are. You are a runner now 😀

  • I get some sort of pep talk email which I really need to unsubscribe from - I don't much care for talking of crushing and nailing and workouts, not my style. BUT every so often one comes round which says "Are you spending more than [I think] 30 minutes a day online for non-work?" and essentially says that if so, you are just not prioritising your health rather than 'not having time'.

    I put my running underpinnings on every day that could be a run day (ie unless I ran the day before)

  • Thank you all - it's so encouraging to hear from you. I ran this morning not expecting to be able to do 30 mins again as it's been a while but I did and it wasn't easy but also not very hard. You've all made really good points and you're right McFitty, some of the problem is not having a goal like with the couch to 5k. I've found the podcasts for the next phase and now I know I can still run 30ins I'll start on those. Thank you again!

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