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Does anyone else struggle with motivation?

I'm a fool!

This is the third time I've done this - I do really well with C25K and build up my distance gradually then for some stupid reason or another I stop! I've not run for over 3 weeks now and already feel so unfit. I'm going to start again but before I do does anyone have any tips on motivation?

I did B210K last time but think I'll keep my runs to 5K or less now - I'm more likely to go if I know I can fit it in without having to get up at 5am. Any other advice?

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I find a goal helps. Pick out an event; parkrun, 10k, marathon, triathlon, whatever takes your fancy. Enter it, (a financial commitment always seems to concentrate the mind!), plan a training schedule and off you go! Works for me... Mostly.


I entered a 2 mile event scheduled for July 4 on week 2 of C25K...the thought of having to walk any part of that event helps motivate me to stick with the Andystev says, nothing like financial commitment ti concentrate the mind!


I run with a friend. I know this isn't for everyone but if you know the other person is going you have to go as well!


Is there a running club near you, why not join it? Also ParkRun every Saturday 9.00am in most of UK, Scotland its a 9.30am start. Usually good to keep you motivated and your speed up cos its a timed race and makes a body want to do well. Don't give up your running it would be all that hard work gone to waste and stopping might make the pounds go to your waist!! EEeeekkkk :(


Why do I not live in Scotland? :-(


I've also struggled with motivation. I've reached week 7 and then stopped, for several weeks. Initially was because of an injury, then a holiday break, then because of visitors, then because of the rain, then because of lack of rain....

But now I'm back on track (fingers crossed!). Running with somebody else doesn't help me, but changing my route has.

Let's keep running because it brings a lot of benefits.


im motivated at the moment, but worried what I will do when graduated and the 2 weeks hols in Turkey in August-which will be far too hot for me to run! I like to change the route,planning to do my first park run around week 9, also to get new music to run to, maybe look at times v distance. Tried running with my husband but he is too fast for me, but hoping to persuade all the family to do the park run with me as my birthday treat. Theyre so fit they dont need a 9 week program, but I secretly hoping to out run them! Variety is the short answer for me. Good luck.


I found once I got over 10k my motivation started to go also, no longer a target distance to aim for, time became an issue and also a sense that every run had to be a long run.

With my health being back and for since last September basically, the only way since then that I have found to be able to motivate myself and to keep going out regularly enough is by doing shorter runs. I often only run for 20 the majority of the time now. I can't put myself forward for sponsorship for something at the minute as I don't know how I'll be in a few months time, but I know looking at the clock that 20mins is easy! I'll be out and in within half an hour, so it's hard to come up with excuses.

Keep it simple when times get though!


I have a post it note on my bedside saying "If you're struggling with motivation, remember that the first step is the hardest, get out the door and the rest will follow". I hang my running gear on the door too! It helps me!


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