W3. First one done!

After worrying about the extra running time in W3 ( I even woke up in the middle of the night, thinking "can I do it?") I found it quite easy. I even ran an extra minute after my final walk, so I had energy to spare.. and I got nice smiles from 3 running ladies who cruised past in the opposite direction when I was on my cooling down walk. :) I think the new running shoes made all the difference.. At this stage the secret seems to be just mentally reallocating your goalposts..

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  • Well done! Yes, you can do! c25k builds you gradually so you can do it, no need to worry!๐Ÿ˜Š

  • You will do it.. we have, many of us, had sleepless nights.. nervousness or excitement!

    Well done :) Clearly the new shoes are attracting attention:)

  • No, the shoes did help me run but I think it was more of a case of "Ah, I remember being at that stage."

  • Well done Gograndad - I also completed W3R1 tonight - I thought Laura had gone bat crazy when she talked 3 minute run - I did it though, the knees held up and for a minute or 2 I even had a good steady pace rhythm. Here's to Run 2 - good luck

  • Thanks. I've got my daughter joining me for my run 2 on Thursday. She's been running a few years and did a half marathon a few weeks ago. She's threatening to teach me some stretching and cooling down exercises etc.. :)

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