Montpellier 10k report

Montpellier 10k report

And she's back.... after a sound night's sleep. First and foremost, congrats to poppypug, Madge50, jamsammich, Curlygurly2, spikymoss and all the other nutters who got out there and ran their little socks off yesterday.

Kiddo & I did the Montpellier 10k yesterday. The route was probably the most uninspiring one I have done yet - two loops of a long piece of main road in a nondescript modern area of town.

When we arrived, parking spaces were as far and few between as the neurones in Farage's brain, and we spent ten minutes driving around in circles before we could dump the car. By the time we got to Darth Vador's Place (my name for the ominous black building housing Montpellier town hall), Mrs B (aka my bladder) was screaming to be relieved, and Gary the Gremlin was in full whinge. We joined a massive queue for a minute line-up of tardis toilets, watched people dancing the rumba as they tried to warm up in the queue, and made it out in time for the start of the race.

Kiddo was way up front in the 45 minute pen, whilst his decrepit genitor waited in the last pen (60 minutes and more). Each pen had a guy with a balloon on a stick in his backpack who set the different paces, and this was one of the best things I've seen yet on a 10k. Our guy in the "I hour and more" pen was a tall redhead with an orange balloon, and I followed that "60 minute" balloon stoically all around the course in a bid to shave some time off my PB.

I am proud to say that I not only managed to do a sub 30 minute 5k for the first time in light years (29.44), but also knocked nearly one and a half minutes off my 10 K PB from January last year with 1. 00. 52. Yoo hooooo woot woot, I was jumping up and down and whooping on my own in the arrivals pen in true Mfam style as Calculus looked on and shook his head.

The story for Kiddo was different to what he had hoped - he got a stitch after 2k and it bugged the poor kid all the way round. He came in at 54 mins, and the poor lad was crushed. Luckily his girlfriend was at the finishing line to tell him how wonderful he is (because he IS), so he managed to recuperate some self -esteem.

One thing I discovered this time is that the FFA (French Athletics Federation) actually ban headphones from their runs! I was gobsmacked when I found out (I had my earphones in when it was announced so i didn't hear the announcement, typical me). Apparently it's for security reasons, but also because it is seen as a form of "doping" (I kid ye not, this is serious stuff) that can improve performance by up to 7%. Beam me up, Scotty.

Here's a pic of one of my favourite views at a race: what our shoelaces see before we set off. And yes, I did get weird looks when I took the photo. But as the resident weirdo, I don't care.

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  • Well done Mfam! Crackin run & crackin report. What a great time to do it in too.

    Goooooooooooooo Mfam!! Xxx


  • I'm still on cloud nine. Tomorrow I'm off for another 10 through the vineyards. Time to up the distance and decrease the time.

  • Hahah :D Our resident funny lady more like! Great race report Mfam, you did brilliantly. And well done to Kiddo too- stitch is awful, really debilitating, so he did really well to get round in the time he did.

    I totally understand the FFA views on music. My running pace is absolutely influenced by the beat of whatever music I'm listening to, but it is, dare I say it, a wee bit extreme to call it doping!

    Congratulations again m'dear, another great run under your belt :) :)

  • Cheers, beautiful :) Poor ole Kiddo, he was so sad. He didn't even want a bite of my banana, he was so crushed.

    I can understand the security issues on earphones, although mine are designed to let in outside sound so that you are safe. I find it a bit extreme to term it as a form of doping though - thy'll be banning positive thinking next!

  • Isn't it brilliant to be weird ? I totally love it.:)

    Great post...i am always with you on these runs, I never will be there in person, so it is the next best thing.

    What a run for both of did amazingly! What a terrific speed...Kiddo, I can just see him...comfort, and adoration in the eyes of the 'loved'one :)

    I think someone posted on one of the forums about the earphone ban..not sure who, and it was a while ago... would that it could help speed or performance, I would have mine jammed in my lugs all day, never mind on runs!

    Thank you for sharing.. :)

  • I'm a fully paid-up member of the loony club, it makes life so much more fun. I try to be normal, but I get bored.

    Is there an earphone ban in the UK too?

  • It is good, i have always been regarded as a bit of an odd-ball..I think it is that we just don't fit a 'picture' of what folk think we should be like.. certainly as a teacher, folk could never believe that was what I did for a living... and as an 'older' person, well...It is brilliant and life is as you say, so much fun. ( most of the time) :)

    Not sure if it was in the UK, but I definitely remember some post, maybe from a newspaper or something.. someone will remember, probably poppypug , she has a great memory, as well as speedy feet! :)

  • I was a loopy TEFL teacher for a long time. Maybe it's a teaching requirement? :)

  • Go to be... captive audience.. the world's your oyster! :)

  • Yes there is a headphone/earphone ban in the uk, usually for more formal road races, but now (since April) although the official rules are for road races any event can ban them and uphold disqualification as long as you are told before hand, I.e in the terms and conditions of the race.

    Most off road races 'recommend' they are not used but more are banning them even though the 'official' rules only apply to road races. Up to the event organisers really.


  • Interesting- the French ban is about as 'old' but doensn't seem to be applied or I would have been chucked out of every race. I can only see it mattering for those who want to qualify for national competitions or who come over the line first, second or third though. For us mere plodders it seems to be a shame to deprive us of our Tom Jones.

  • Brilliant mfam! Great report, great time, mmmm might be something in the earphones thingy, you are getting quicker, or is it something you've washed your kit in........fumes from the washing powder......πŸ˜‰, they'll be saying that next about jelly babies......

    Poor kiddo, I'm sure in true Arnie fashion 'he'll be back!' 😊


  • I decided that I was going to push myself harder, that's all... Longer distances and shorter times now, after my little "conversation" with Gary the other day. Let's hope it lasts. Maybe washing my "sticky nikkies" (-Decathlon running kecks with an adhesive band around the edge that stops them going up your bum-) in Ariel gives me a little extra oomph though, who knows...

    Oooh, Jelly babies..... no jelly babies here :(

  • Great stuff Jo, really well done! You deserve to be proud, those are excellent PBs! You'll be beating your boy soon! His time was great too, especially with a stitch.

    French music as doping? Yeah sends you off to sleep....

  • Cheers, cupcake. Well done to you for sticking it out yesterday, and take care of that cold. As for French music, it depends what you're listening to... Try falling asleep to this!

    It makes me grin my head off and want to cry at the same time - when we left the Alsace we had a party with all our pals, and they rewrote this song for us, complete with the kids bouncing around with plastic guitars and sunglasses. Still makes me feel all emotional today.

  • Well done Mfam! Great time and I love that photo πŸ™‚ Everyone's shoes look so clean! I use to have those Nikes in the front but wear them in the garden now ☹️

  • Thanks, yer Majesty :D If you wear them in the garden it means they're earned their retirement, which isn't such a bad thing :)

    I am always amazed by the newness of the shoes - the best ones were in January at the Nice 10k, cos everyone had got new shoes from Farther Christmas :) There was a majority of Asics yesterday. When I looked at the amount of cash strapped onto 2000 pairs of feet, I felt unwell. Kiddo was probably the only one wearing Brooks - I don't think they're sold in France.

  • Well done Mfam. That sounded like great fun, aside from the parking and queue for lavs.

    We have an earphones ban but I've not seen it rigidly enforced yet. Safety rather than for doping reasons. WTF! πŸ˜• 😊

    I hope you're ok now, post run aches wise, and can enjoy your vineyard run free from twinges. Have fun ☺

  • It was fun to be with so many people, but very boring as far as the route was concerned (running two loops of a long road isn't the most thrilling route I've done yet). I'm going to check on when and how this ban is enforced - I hate running naked because I pace myself with the number of songs.

  • I paced my run with songs yesterday but I can do without it on races. I did a fell race the other day when running music would have been a hindrance 😊

    You can run without it. Just try it on a more scenic route, or on a busier, livelier one.

    I had my music with me t'other week and was doing the warm up walk with sami murphy when a police incident started to unfold before me. Bit weird as it felt in slow motion. I completely forgot to start running as I was too distracted 😊

  • I tend to use the number of songs to egg myself on, or lie to myself. A bit like reasoning in sleeps for children: "Only four more songs until you finish". I don't really use them to set my pace as such - I tried once and I was exhausted :) I ran the Vineyards 10k without music in June, I was running with a friend who talks non-stop, so he was a handy distraction to listening to my laboured breathing.

    Police incidents? My, you're living dangerously. Having said, that the hunting season has started here so I'm now running in high visu kit to make sure the locals don't take me for Bambi.

  • Ha ha ! Absolutely fabuloso !

    Well, didn't you do just brilliantly ??? 2 PB'S - AMAZING !!

    Ah Kiddo, getting a stitch , poor lad !

    Mind you, his time is fantastic isn't it ? I would be so happy with that , but if he is used to being faster, I can understand his disappointment .

    Re the headphones. On the blurb of my HM race pack, mine said that " they were bowing to public pressure and were allowing them , but would prefer you to use just one ear "

    I didn't take mine, I don't use them for races anyway as I like to soak up the atmosphere but I like music when I'm training .

    Great race report, great run, brilliant time - Yep , you nailed it , Massive Congratulations to you and Kiddo ! :-) xxx

  • In fact there's only one PB - the 10k. My pb on the 5k is 28 mins something or other. I'm still chuffed though :)

    Kiddo was disappointed because he'd been slowly reducing his time on the 10k and was hoping for a sub 45 minute. His stitch did away with his chances for that but I've seen the pic of him arriving and his face says it all. Bloody minded, just like his mother.

    It'd be interesting to see how many people race with their headphones on - I find it good to distract Gary the Gremlin, who does Tom Jones impressions in his underpants rather than telling me I should pack it in and go home for a slice of chocolate cake.

  • Well done - great times.

  • Thank you :) I'm still chuffed.

  • Great photo mfam! Always good to look at a race from a new perspective! 😊

    You did really well especially that sub 30 5k! Hope your sons not too disappointed, there will be another race soon I'm sure to conquer! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜†

  • I've been dying to take that photo for ages, not quite lined up right but I'll get it eventually. Kiddo has bounced back to his usual cheerful self, and he'll blast the next one I'm sure.

  • Well done! Look at all them tanned legs!

  • Welcome to the south of France... I think they're all born that way. At least my kids can pick me out quickly in the crowd, huh...

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