My 1st Race Report - Asda Foundation, Jane Thomlinson 10k York 03.08.2014

My 1st Race Report - Asda Foundation, Jane Thomlinson 10k York 03.08.2014

1st Race Report - Asda Foundation, Jane Thomlinson 10k York 03.08.2014

Also supporting And raising funds for Stroke Association

Awoke at about 5am this morning and drifted in and out of sleep until 7.30am....What time?   OMG!  Panic. I wanted to be up at 6.30am.  Cuppa tea daughter and make sure she's awake, another cuppa .... get ready, another cuppa.   Nervous excitement has me in its grip! I manage half a slice of wholemeal toast and half a banana, glass of coconut water, and nuvver cuppa :)

Collect darling daughter, quick hello to my grand babies and we are off.  OMG Traffic!  My Mum lives not far from the racecourse,  where the start and finish line is so we park near hers and walk 10 mins to get there. 

Stressing that we will be late but hear others say the start time has been moved to 10am.  I don’t trust hearesayers though so moan and stress at daughter to get a move on.  She is not worried and laughs and tells me to stop stressing. This is not something I can do so easily.

So we get to the racecourse and find my Mum, my great niece, my nephew in law and have time to get in the long line for the loo. I got in the shortest queue, whereupon the guys in front inform us this is the queue for the urinals. I am not fussed but alas they are communal. We join the other line as the warm up is going on. I am buzzing with adrenaline.

It starts a little slowly until we get to the start line but then speeds up. Daughter says slow down and I do, a few times until she decides to walk a bit. She is breastfeeding so it is best she goes at her own pace. I go on ahead.

I actually start the run with Laura on the Stamina podcast and continue with my own music. The weather is lovely and sunny and there's a bit of a breeze. The sun hides behind clouds just a little and it's an all too brief relief!

I am tiring at 5k but I tell myself to "Gettamoveon Mrs" and "You can do this" and "For you Dad" and things like that and it keeps me going. Between 7 and 8k I feel I need a walk break and eventually i do walk for a few minutes but as the next song starts I do too. I run. At 9k I am tired and it seems like I am in this endless trail of nutty runners and I am asking myself, "Why? " Because of the challenge, because I want to be fit and healthy, because I am burning fat and someone shouts "Keep going. Nearly there. You have raised so much for charity. Well done" At that I tear up. I think "For you Dad." So I plod on. At long last I see the the finish line. My legs can hardly go quicker than I am moving them but I just run as strong as I am able to and there's my Mum and great niece shouting me. They are a lovely sight and I am glad they're there. I cross the finish line. I did it in around 1 hour 12 mins. That's ok. I thought I would do 1hr 10.. but it is ok. Then I get a text saying my time was 1:07:37. I am reasonably happy with that. There's always next year. My daughter's time was 1hr 25. Her max training distance was 4.5k and she has two babies under 2 so well done to her.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me on the HU forum, feĺlow c25kers on FB, friends and relatives, everyone who has donated and to my daughter for running with me. Thanks Mum for coming and cheering us on.

Feet up, trashy mags, glass of wine or two. YES! WE DID IT!


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41 Replies

  • Oh well done! Fantastic achievement Kickibro, and a cracking time too. Love the photo with your medal. I read that the start time had been put back, but luckily it didn't seem to bother you. More time to visit the loo, I guess. you did something wonderful today, so feel very proud of yourself, and your amazing daughter - a 10k in 1hr25 whilst breast feeding (although obviously not simultaneously) Crickey!!

    Enjoy your rest, your trashy mags and your wine. You've certainly earned them! :) :) :)

  • Thank you! I am pretty chuffed xxx

  • Well done! You did really great; wasn't easy either due to it being so warm, and that sodding headwind at one point!

    Great course, wasn't it? I loved it; so scenic and interesting, always something to look at. Did you see Ronnie the Rhino, Ali G and the Knights in armour?

    I too had to inform a lady she was in the queue for the urinal; they could have been better signed, to be fair. I kept an eye out for you, but alas, didn't see you.

    Great stuff, well done. Congratulations! Are you doing any of the Jane Tomlinson series next year? I couldn't help it, I signed-up for the ultimate season ticket.

    The delay was a rum do, especially being psyched-up and raring to go. Ah well, it was only half an hour.

  • I need to recover from this run first before I can think about my next race ha ha. I think you must be a lot fitter than I to be so forward thinking. I could only think about a nice cold, large glass of white wine and how deserving of it I was :D

    I only saw the rhino and the stormtrooper amd I wondered how they coped running in that get up. Full of admiration for those guys.

    It is a lovely route. It's my home town and it is flat so a good intro to racing for me as my last race was 33 years ago lol.

    I did look out for you but I saw a couple of guys in yellow and couldn't risk loo queue time for asking if you were you :D

    What was your time?

    I Ioved that breeze!

  • Great post , I felt as if I was there with you . Congratulations yes you did it ,& I bet your feeling pretty proud & for such a great cause too .

  • Oh I am! Thank you so much. I am beaming ear to ear with pride.... or perhaps it's the wine ;) xxx

  • Well done! To both you and your daughter. What an amazing thing to complete! I have signed up for a 10k in October, I am hoping for 1 hour 20 minutes so I am well impressed with you both!

    You deserve you large glass of wine! :) but you'll have to have 2, daughter can't have hers with breast feeding and it would be rude to leave it :)

    Congratulations, not only completing a great time too but also raising money for great cause.

  • Thanks so much Net68. It's ok. More for me :) It's a good experience. Daughter did run/walk/run as she felt able.

  • Amazing you and how fantastic you got to run with your daughter for such a great cause. Congratulations to you both.

  • Thank you very much xxx

  • FANTASTIC. Well done. And a great report.

    ....... What next??!!? xxx

  • Just wine and more wine, Ally :D I want to do a HM but this 10k was really hard for me! I may need some time to get to that level, so perhaps this time next year and in the meantime, train, train, and train! :D What about you? Any HM plans in France? xxx

  • The wine sounds good :-)

    I'd love to do a 10k next. Most I've done though so far is 6.5, so I take my hat off to you.

    I'm thinking of doing a 10k in November (in France) ... Watch this space! Struggling with the heat to be honest.

    I've FB'ed you xxx

  • I cannot see. What is your name on FB? As you know, I signed up for 10k to motivate me. It was harder than I imagined. 5k is still hard work to me. Can you believe some guys run 10k in just over 30 mins? Sooo fast!!

  • York is very pretty with so much to see and do. Strolling around "town" (it is a city really but we call it town still), is the best way to see it. And if you are planning a visit, not a running related one, weekdays are best as it is less busy. Race days are fun but just too busy! The run is great and I admit I didn't really take in the passing scenery or architecture as I was just too focused putting one foot in front of the other :D :D I hear they changed up the route a bit this year and people were saying it was harder. I don't know if that was the case. It seemed hard to me :D

    Thanks for the glam Granny comment. I felt far from glam, believe me. I don't think I will be signing up for another 10k this year anyway. It was HARD work! xxx

  • Hey Kicki, Phew ! Im exhausted after reading that :-) Great photo and many congratulations, you look great by the way :-)

    Enjoy your wine and get your feet up, chill out , you've earned it, Well done ! :-) xxx

  • Thank you, Cptn xxx

  • You (and yr daughter!) are amazing! well done and congratulations! :-)

  • Awww, thanks. I am happy we did it and it is a memory she will have to keep, to share with her own children. At this point she is saying "Never again" and "The only way I will ever be at that race again is to hand out water." ha ha ha xxx I hope not. I want us to do a HM in time :D xxx

  • I am still struggling thru week 4! Long way to go but already feel I have made progress. :-)

  • Clara, you definitely have made progress! Week 4 is a great week when you see the results of all the weeks that have gone before it.

    I began the c25k plan in February 2014, age 47 years, struggling to run 60 seconds. I graduated in April, elated that I had been determined to stick at it and complete the plan; however, I had already signed up for the 10k even before then (around week 6 I think). I also told all my family and friends I was going to do it. Death alone would make me not do it after that :D I stumbled around a little after graduating and then started a B210k. I didn't do very well. I missed Laura :D So I did the C25k+ podcasts and continued running after the podcast had finished with my own music, increasing my time when I felt able.

    I did a 10k far too soon and recovery took 2 weeks. I built up again quickly and was running 7k. My 2nd 10k was today. My original aim was to run a mile :D

    Week 5 is going to be a turning point. I think it is for most people. Run 3 of that week is the continuous 20 min run. It is the highlight of the plan. That and graduating. You can do this. You really can xxx

  • Thank you so much. Everyone on here is so kind, encouraging and supportive (unlike other sites I looked at!) Knowing everyone has been through it is really helpful (particularly when my legs are burning, my face is the colour of beetroot, and I am puffing like a steam train!) I am working towards attempting the 20 mins just before my 51st birthday (can't believe that number!!!)

  • U see how the goal posts change?

    1. It would be nice to do a bit of exercise

    2. It will be great to run 5 mins...

    A) 8 mins

    B) 10 mins

    C) 20 mins

    D) 30 mins

    E) 5k

    There is a certain bit of self congratulating going on as we stretch ourselves further. It is a bit addictive. At week 4 I didn't understand this. The best is yet to come if you stick with it. Post of your success. Your success is both an inspiration to newbies and a reminder of how big the buzz of achievement is to graduates. Xxx

  • I feel buzzy enough just being able to run 5 mins! The thing about this programme/forum is it has me really believing I could do it, unlike anything else I have (briefly) tried to use to get off the couch in the past. I have even coerced my sister into trying and she and my 18 yr old niece are about 10 days behind me on the programme. she has also booked a place for us in the 5k race for life near her in the spring, so that will persuade me to keep going and push on! Good luck in your ongoing journey. Hope the wine helped ease the aches! Clara x

  • It helped briefly ha ha. I am not too bad today. I will do a light jog tomorrow.

    Good for you signing up for a race. It's what I did to lwep me motivated beyond graduating from the plan. Xxx

  • Oh well done Kikibro!! Sounds like a brilliant and emotional run. Love that poto!

  • Ooop ta v much xxx

  • What an amazing run, write up and time... We could have run that together - we're a whole 9 seconds apart! Hats off to you as 10K is quite a distance! Special doff of the cap to your daughter too!

    Signed up for a half yet.. ;) maybe after the wine???

    Enjoy the post race glow.. It's awesome! And now you have a 10k PB to tackle! :)

    Well done!

  • Ta Aussie. You graduated about 3 weeks after me too. And I love Melbourne!

    Still enjoying my wine this evening. No HM plans yet. I will start looking at HM's though.

    Good for you too. Ur doing really well xxx

  • Well done Kicki! It's hard work at the time but you've done it now and can relax and think about the next one while you enjoy your vino

  • Thank you xxx

  • Fantastic post, congratulations on brilliant run. If i do my 10km in the same time I will be very happy indeed!

  • Thank you. It's hard work but worth it. Great sense of achievement xxx

  • Lovely post about a great achievement - and a very emotional and worthwhile day too. Congratulations!

  • Thank you so much xxx

  • Very well done!! A great post about a great run!

    How lovely that you thought about your Dad when things got a bit tough and were able to get that extra ooooomph to push you on. I did a bit of that during my Race for Life, as I lost my dad to prostate cancer, and it gave me a kick up the backside when I needed it!

    Congratulations on a brilliant time - you and your daughter!

  • Thank you, Dottie. Sorry your Dad passed too. Thoughts of him definitely gave me strength xxx

  • Brilliant, well done! And lovely pics on fb too.

  • Oh thanks :) I should have stuck at one or two tho. Xxx

  • Superb Kicki. Great write up and post and great times too. Very inspirational ;-)

  • Thanks GF :) x

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