New route and 5k done

I have always had this new route in my head but not yet done it as part of it is along a main road and a village area and I was not sure they were ready for an over weight beetroot struggling past. This morning I thought right it's cool but sunny just think how you will feel when you ve done it. Off I set wearing my sunglasses hoping no one would recognise me ( who am I kidding) and off I went. The first 3:5 k were fine the few slopes ( my legs thought they were mountains) and the houses and cars were more of a distraction than a hinderence before I got back on to my deserted lanes. The last 1 1/2k were a bit of a fight between me and the gremlins but I completed the route in 37:28 again I was a bit miffed as that is exactly what I did last week but at least I'm consistent! Now feeling really pleased that I did that route there's another one but it's longer 4.2 miles not sure what that is in Km and it's along a new road that was built I see lots of proper running people on it and have always dreamed of joining them.......

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  • Yeahhhhh well done. Ooh yes you must join the other runners , if not for you then at least on our behalf.πŸ˜€πŸƒπŸ» Happy running!

  • Join the other runners as you are a runner! You could try the longer route and always take a walk/run approach to the extra distance. I need to do just this myself to increase my distance. Well done today, the conditions were just lovely weren't they?

  • Errrr...excuse me, you are a proper running person :)

    You are doing amazingly...The gremlins, pesky little blighters, got well squished! very, very well done.the other route, you mention ..nearly 7 K... that was my 'magic' number after Graduation... just completed 10K, a year on, on my Runniversary last week!

  • You are simply amazing I look forward to your posts as I m probably running past the beauty you describe but I'm too shattered to notice!!

  • Thanks... sometimes, I do get too engrossed in the run, but not that often :)

  • Wow thats great and id be chuffed if i did 5k in that time😊4.2 mls is 6.8km thats some challenge! Il aim to complete my 5more runs to graduate and then my aim is a 5k run & courage to be seen at a parkrun as i am slow!! But better than i was😊😊x

  • Well done, and you are so harsh on yourself... overweight beetroot, ?!!! I doubt it!!!

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