Here's my daughter teenybopper beavering away at c25k in Cyprus!

Here's my daughter teenybopper beavering away at c25k in Cyprus!

Cyprus was brilliant but not so good for the running. My daughter was up to w4 and doing great but really couldn't get motivated to run on holiday. Mind you it was hot , around 29-30 degrees and where we were there was nowhere great to run. I ran most mornings but it involved running on the street itself and then along a path round the coast which was unfortunately concrete but my knees held up thankfully. It was the only half way decent place to run so all the runners gathered there early before it got too hot. I got some claps and "Bravos!" from the elderly fishermen which made a nice change but did get me a bit worried - did I look such a desperate case that they felt I needed the encouragement?

Back in Berlin to grey skies and rain which should be our lot for the next 6 months. Have to try and get teenybopper back into her stride. I'm thinking we'll go back to w3 and see how that goes. It is certainly much easier running here which is strange considering it is a big city. Running along those Cypriot streets even in our quiet corner of north-western Cyprus felt like dicing with death. Funny how you start judging a place based on the running!

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  • Well done bop! Lovely pool! I like Cyprus, I got a 4x4 out and drove the family into The Troodos mountains..great time!😊

  • We drove up into the Troodos mountains Dave but unfortunately we took a wrong turning and ended up winding about on a very rough track for miles. Coming back we took the right road and what a difference that was! I liked Cyprus too, very laid back

  • Beautiful. You had some runs at least... and sunshine :) I think fishermen, generally are a friendly bunch, certainly the French ones I encountered seemed jolly!

    Happy home return, and mot too much rain for you hopefully x

  • What was really nice flossy, especially early in the morning was all the birds and the birdsong. I enjoyed running without music, just listening to the roar of the sea, the chatter of boirds and keeping alert for cars. It is a quiet place but that means drivers don't expect to encounter anyone so hoon round the bends like loons on the loose.

  • Sounds beautiful.. really lovely :)

  • Oo! That looks lovely, but at 29-30 degrees, I can't blame your daughter for not wanting to run! Glad you had a good break🙂

  • I'd read the weather reports Sandra but still didn't expect it to be that hot in October. It was ok early in the morning but you needed to be done with running by 9 a.m. The evenings were pleasant but the sun went down early and quickly so it didn't really feel safe to run at that time. It was a nice trip, I'd go there again. Reminded me of Crete and Rhodes but more British, not quite like Malta but a strong British presence. My daughter went mad on Cadbury's chocolate and icecream since we can't get it here. So she definitely needs to get back into running. Can't say I was ascetic either though, not like Oldfloss eating nothing but salad on holiday!

  • I like just a wee drop of Metaxa and watching the Sun drop slowly down into the sea!🍷🌅

  • I'm sure you do Dave, I'm sure you do :) Lucky people who live there. July and August would be too much for me but they'll have lovely sunny winter days. I'm struggling a bit to adjust to our autumn here. Seems to be mainly dark!

  • Well, I wish I was there at the moment bop, getting dark & pouring down now after a nice sunny Parkrun this morning in SE England..😖

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